Aftab Alam with Venkatesh Prasad

  • ACC U-19 Elite Cup Day 3
    Group B: Afghanistan v Oman at TCG, Bangkok
  • Oman won the toss and chose to bat
  • Oman one change from their match against Nepal yesterday, Shehzad Khan comes in; Afghanistan have one change from their match against Thailand, Noor-ul Haq makes way for middle-order batsman Rahmatullah Sahaq
  • Afghanistan's Aftab Alam RFM opens with a challenging over, at pace and well-directed and Oman are 2 for 0 after the first over
  • WICKET The long-legged and decidedly sharp Mohammad Yamin strikes, bowling Abhishek Ramesh for 1 and Oman are 4 for 1 after 10 balls of their innings
  • Ball hitting the bat as opposed to the other way round as Yamin and Aftab are just a little too quick at the moment for the Omani batsmen Miyuru Wickremaratne and Mohool Mishra, Oman 8 for 1 after 4. All runs coming behind square
  • WICKET Aftab strikes with the first ball of his third over, Wickremaratne (LHB) caught at gully by Mohibullah, from one that took the shoulder of the bat, Oman 8 for 2
  • Slip and a gully and short leg in place for Aftab and the field could be even more attacking, Aftab getting the ball to climb
  • A second slip goes in
  • Wicket-keeper Afsar about 25 yards back for Aftab, 20 yards back for Yamin, Oman 9 for 2 after 5 overs. A real test for the young Omanis today

Mohammad Yamin was a potent partner for Aftab Alam Another thunderbolt from Aftab Alam

  • WICKET Aftab hurls down an effort ball and the grunt beats the ball down to the batsman Mohool Mishra who hears the sound of falling timber next as off-stump is knocked back by the full-pitched delivery. The speed of sound is faster than Aftab today, but not by much. Oman 13 for 3 in the 7th over
  • WICKET Aftab gets the big one - a good battle had been developing between him and Oman's captain Chirag Asher, who alone had been attempting to play Aftab positively but, in ducking a short-pitched he left his bat in the air like a periscope and the ball deflected off it into the hands of Najibullah Zadran at second slip. Oman 17 for 4 in the 9th over
  • Yamin's fifth over noticeably slower than his previous four, a single and two wides coming from it, Oman 20 for 4 after 10 overs, Sweerith Sajeevan 4*, Gayash Dias 2*
  • Mohammad Yamin back up to speed for his sixth over, figures of 6-0-12-1 so far. Oman 25 for 4. Aftab Alam's figures 6-3-6-3
  • Would love to have a reason to put the Oman flag up but it's all Afghanistan at the moment as another Oman WICKET falls, Gayash Dias bowled by Aftab for 2 (12 balls) and Oman are 27 for 5 in the 13th over, Aftab has four of them.
  • WICKET Aftab Alam again need one say. Umair Naeem caught behind for 0, Aftab gets five and a big round of applause from his team-mates. Terrific bowling by him that would have troubled a side even better than Oman. Aftab, younger brother of bowling coach Hasti Gul, also plays for the senior Afghanistan side
  • Oman are 28 for 6 after 15 overs
  • DRINKS Break

  • Aftab's figures 8-2-9-5 at this stage
  • Aftab comes back after the drinks break and gets 1,2, 3 wickets in his ninth over, to have figures of 9-2-10-8, Oman 28 for 9. if Yamin doesn't get a wicket this over, Aftab will be on a hat-trick
  • Aftab doing what Hamid Hassan does so well for the senior Afghanistan team - keep the top-order batsmen pinned back with short of a length balls 60% of the time, with full-pitched deliveries the remainder prior to unleashing full-pitched deliveries at the tail. It's a successful formula and Afghanistan have a supremely potent attack
  • Yamin goes wicketless in his ninth over and thus Aftab, to bowl his tenth has a chance of a hat-trick and nine wickets in the match
  • The leg-stump yorker first ball up, is clipped away by Mughis Juned RHB for 2, Mughis is quite a competitor himself and that deserves the Oman flag
  • Oman 34 for 9 in the 20th over
  • Aftab finishes with 10-2-12-8, in the frame for Man of the Match (Doh!) and in the embrace of his team-mates already
  • Like Hamid Aftab bowls with a headband of the Afghan flag and like Hamid Aftab is all thigh and barrelly chest, we'll have a video interview with him after the end of the match, not that he's guaranteed to be Man of the Match of course
  • Oman, if: they can somehow get to 50, they're on 34 for 9 after 20 overs (having seen off the Afghan opening bowlers) and somehow bowl and field like maestros and somehow have every possible thing go their way, are in with a chance
  • Nepal hurt Oman yesterday by preying on their weaknesses, Afghanistan hurt Oman today just by playing to their strengths. Aftab and Yamin would have been hard to handle by anybody. The UAE team are in the nets on the far side of the ground and they could yet play a part in this group, which so far is being dominated by Afghanistan and Nepal
  • Abdul Rashid SLA, sleeveless and bearded, replaces Aftab Alam at the Airport End
  • Oman 35 for 9 after 21 overs, Dawood Bahram LB replaces Mohammad Yamin 10-3-15-1 at the Marsh End
  • The compact left-hander Sweerith Sajeevan's been in for 54 balls, he's on 8* and Mughis JUned RHB is on 3* off 13, Oman 36 for 9 after 22 overs
  • There's spin in the wicket as there was yesterday for Nepal and Oman, Oman are 37 for 3 after 23 overs
  • Not that it's a walk in the park, but batting looks so much easier for Oman's last-wicket pair now that Aftab and Yamin are out of the attack
  • Sweekrith looking positive and he strikes the first 4 off the bat, cutting Rashid sweetly to backward point, looked and sounded good that stroke, Oman 42 for 9 at the half-way stage, Sweekrith 15*, Mughis 3*
  • Najibullah Zadran OB replaces Abdul Rashid after his two overs at the Airport End
  • Oman 44 for 9 after 28 overs, partnership of 16 for the last-wicket so far, all but two of these runs coming off spin
  • Abdul Rashid SLA comes back on after the one Najibullah over, Oman 44 for 9 after 30 overs
  • On the evidence so far - Afghanistan have the two best pace-bowlers in U-19 Elite Group B, Nepal have the two best spinners. Afghanistan's spin attack quite impotent against the Oman tail
  • Sweekrith reaching forward to scotch any spin, Mughis playing it off the pitch Oman 47 for 9 after 32 overs
  • Three around the bat for legspinner Bahram, the tall Mughis up to the task. MAIDEN, Oman 47 for 9
  • Shir Shirzai OB replaces Najibullah at the Airport End
  • Oman pass 50 thanks to FOUR wides and cheers come from the 15 Omanis on the team bench
  • Shir bowling medium-pace today, Afsar the wicket-keeper now goes back after initially standing up for the first four deliveries
  • Oman's best over, 7 of it, they're 54 for 9 after 35 overs, Sweekrith 18*, Mughis 4*
  • Mohibullah briskish medium-pace replaces his captain at the Airport End, Afsar standing up to him behind the stumps
  • WICKET Mohibullah strikes, Sweekrith who'd came in at 4 and faced 111 balls is out, caught at mid-off for 19 and Oman finish on 59 after 36.5 overs
  • Aftab's 8-12 may have decided the match but Oman have just enough runs on the board to make things just a little uncomfortable for Afghanistan. INNINGS break, back in 10 minutes
  • Afghanistan need 60,and FOUR of them come off the first ball, left-hander HAshmatullah driving left-armer Mughis sweetly through mid-on
  • One more FOUR to Hasmatullah in the first over, and at the end of it Afghanistan are 9 for 0, chasing 60
  • Gayash Dias RM from the Airport End, four runs off the over, Afghanistan 13 for 0 after 2 overs
  • FOUR to Najibullah, a classy stroke through the leg-side but then he reaches for one outside off and cuts Mughis to Gayash to point for a tame dismissal and Oman have a WICKET, Afghanistan 17 for 1 in the third over
  • Mughis for some reason likes to bowl into the wind
  • But then when he eventually bowled downwind yesterday, he unleashed a beamer so maybe being his team's main strike bowler having to fight the wind is part of a plan
  • Great effort by Shreyas Malhotra and Chirag Asher in the field to save runs as Hashmatullah unleashes an off-drive that is hauled in inches from the boundary, Afghanistan 27 for 1 after 5 overs
  • Mughis Juned generating some pace, Hashmatullah 16*, Mohibullah 3*
  • A flurry of runs and a stalled laptop mean that Afghanistan have now reached 50 for 1 after 12 overs, Hashmatullah 30* with three 4s and one 6, Mohibullah 9*, just 10 more needed for Afghanistan to win

Mohibullah finishes it in a hurry

  • FOUR to Hasmatullah, swung off one knee through square leg and a WIN for Afghanistan by nine wickets

A match played in good spirit

Video: Afghanistan's Aftab Alam with the Asian Cricket Council's Venkatesh Prasad

ACC U-19 Elite Cup 2011

Group B: Afghanistan v Oman at Terdthai Cricket Ground, Bangkok
Oman won the toss and chose to bat
Oman: 59 all out off 36.5 overs (A. Alam 8-12)
Afghanistan: 60 for 1 off 12.3 overs (H.Sahidi 35*)
Man of the Match: Aftab Alam (Afghanistan)

Photos by Sirinan Khomlone

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Filed February 3rd, 2011