Nepal's Fazlur Rahman Khan, 101 and Man of the Match

  • ACC U-19 Elite Cup Nepal v Oman at Terdthai Cricket Ground, Bangkok: Nepal won the toss and chose to bat
  • Breezy morning at the TCG today, gusts blowing from mid-on to fine leg strong enough to influence the flight of the ball for sure
  • Umpires Ashwini Rana and Ramani Batumalia take the field, Oman's fielders led by captain Chirag Asher behind them. Nepal's openers Subhash Khakurel and Fazlur Rahman behind them
  • Nepal's team unchanged since their nine-wicket win over UAE yesterday: Prithu Baskota, Rahul Viswakarma, Fazlur Rahman, Subhash Khakurel, Sagar Pun, Naresh Budhayer, Pradeep Airee, Bhuban Karki, Avinash Karn, Krishna Karki, Rajesh Pulami, 12th man Shivkumar Tandukar
  • Oman: Chirag Asher, Ahmed Hussain, Sweerith Sajeevan, Miyuru Wickremaratne, Gayash DIas, Shreyas Malhotra, Mughis Juned, Umair Naeem, Sachin Someshwar, Abishek Ramesh, Mohol Misra, 12th mna Saud Zaman
  • Mughis Juned and Gayash Dias the opening bowlers for Oman, doing a steady job, ball up to the bat, wicket playing a bit slower than the one used yesterday at this ground
  • After 2 overs, Nepal 6 for 0
  • Mughis Juned (LFM) dropping short in his second over - Nepal 9 for 0 after 3
  • Fazlur hits Nepal's first boundary, a crisp straight drive off Gaysh Dias (RFM) and Nepal are 19 for 0 after 5 overs
  • Mughis bowling his fourth over very well, right up to the bat at pace, maiden, 4-1-8-0
  • Gayash Dias starts his fourth over with a full toss which Fazlur clips to midwicket, comes back well next ball, beating the batsman outside off, Nepal 25 for 0 in the eighth over
  • Fazlur looking confident now, hitting over the top, Nepal 29 for 0 after 8 overs
  • Oman' s Gayash Dias (RFM) bustling through from the Airport End, skiddy, bowling with changes of pace which are foxing the Nepali batsmen, Nepal 35 for 0 in the 9th over
  • Breeze still strong here at the TCG in Bangkok, ball moving in the air as a result
  • Slip and a gully for Mughis and Gayash of Oman, scope to attack even more in these early overs. Nepal 41 for 0 after 11 overs, both Fazlur and Subhash on 17*
  • Fazlur going over midwicket for his third boundary, from a Gayash Dias half-volley, he's on 21*, Nepal 48 for 0 after 12 overs
  • Fazlur taking a liking to Gayash, fourth of his four boundaries all off the bustling medium-pacer, this one a straight drive over the bowler's head, Nepal 60 for 0 in the 14th over
  • Miyuru Wickremaratne ((RMF) replaces Mughis Juned 7-1-20-0 at the Bird Park End, but Gayash DIas continues for his eight over on the trot from the Airport End, Nepal 68 for 0 in the 16th over, Subash 25*, Fazrul 31*
  • Fazlur, Man of the Match with 46* against UAE yesterday, going well today, but Subash is out for 27 off 55 balls, lbw to Miyuru Wickremaratne, Nepal 81 for 1 in the 17th over
  • Sagar Pun RHB is the new bastsman, was quite a star at U-15 level - now making a comeback
  • Fazlur gets to 50 with a sparkling off-drive, 51 balls, 7 fours, good innings and a 100 is definitely on the cards
  • Nepal 98 for 1 after 19 overs, 250+ on the cards for sure
  • Shreyas Malhotra OB on from the airport, Gayash Dias bowled 7-0-38-0
  • Fazlur loves the leg side! Slog-drives Shreyas to long-on for his eigth boundary, match-referee Aziz Gilani admires the stroke and replays it for our benefit, Nepal 110 for 1 in the 21st over, Fazlur 57*
  • Sagar Pun down the wicket to the slow-flighing Shreyas, one bounce to long-on, he moves on to 12*, Fazlur shows him how to do it by coming down the wicket to hit over the top where no fielder be, for yet another boundary. Nepal 120 for 1 after 22 overs, Fazlur 64*
  • Sachin Someshwar (LB) on from the Bird Park End
  • Four on the boundary for Sachin, wide mid-off, long-off, long-on and mid wicket
  • Fazlur walks a single to pinch the strike, he goers on to 68* at the end of the 23rd over, Nepal are 126 for 1, partnership of 45 between Fazlur and Sagar Pun so far
  • Oman's Shreyas Malhotra has deep backward square, and on the boundary square leg, long on, long off and deep extra cover (who seems in a wasted position), the breeze can only help the ball down the leg side
  • Runs being caressed here and there with ease, though Fazlur doesn't connect as well as he'd like with another lofted shot off Sachin Someshwar but the ball, holding up in the breeze evades Abhishek Ramesh at long-off, Nepal 137 for 1 at the half-way stage, Fazlur 75* off 70 balls, Sagar 17* off 26 balls, partnership of 56 so far
  • Nepal 148 for 1 after 27 overs, Fazlur 81*, Sagar 22*. Oman's bowlers powerless against these well-set batsmen, their only consolation being that they will get to bat on this track in a couple of hours themselves. Nepal well placed for a push to 300
  • Runs being milked, like a herd of dairy cows would be by blonde pig-tailed women in smocks and clogs, by these Nepali batsmen, Nepal 160 for 1 after 29 overs, Fazlur 86*, Sagar 26*, partnership of 79 so far
  • Fazlur gets away with a false stroke! Top-edges a dink high in the air and three fileders converge with square leg Gayash Dias completely over-running it as the ball falls over his head, Nepal 166 for 1 in the 31st over
  • Chirag Asher, Oman's captain (LB), brings himself on at the Bird Park End
  • Fazlur moves into the 90s, Nepal 176 for 1 after 32 overs
  • 100-partnership for the 2nd wicket between Fazlur and Sagar, good effort by them, 127 balls it took and they have never really looked in any trouble at all. Good running and positive footwork and strokeplay. Nepal 183 for 1 after 33 overs, Fazlur 95*, Sagar 38*
  • 100 for Fazlur with a clip off the legs, excellent innings and firecrackers are set off at the Airport End by coincidence! Good for him, 96 balls it took with 10 boundaries, Nepal on 189 for 1 in the 34th over
  • DRINKS being taken with Oman struggling. Their bowling hasn't been up to it in this their first match of the ACC U-19 Elite Cup. Mughis Juned (LMF) impressed at times as did Gayash Dias (RFM) but Nepal's batsmen haven't really been in any kind of bother.
  • The guru from Nepal Binod Pandey says this is Nepal's third century at AC U-19 level after efforts from Shakti Gauchan and Kanishka Chaugai in previous tournaments. Fazlur looks a fine player indeed, strong on the leg-side, comfortable against medium-pace
  • WICKET Fazlur falls for 101, lbw to Chirag Asher after a long hard think by Umpire Ramani, Nepal 193 for 2 in the 35th over
  • Pradeep Airee (RHB), no strranger to international youth cricket for Nepal, is the new bat
  • Sagar Pun getting close to his fifty, Nepal 215 for 2 in the 38th over
  • Sagar 50 off 62 balls, and next ball Pradeep smacks a straight 6, Nepal 227 for 2 after 38 overs
  • Pradeep pounces on anything pitched up, survives a chance, (fielders yet again misjudging the ball in the breeze) but hits 4, 6,4 in the rest of the over, 50-partnership already between him and Sagar (22 balls). Pradeep's on 31*! Nepal 245 for 2 after 39 overs
  • Mughis Juned (LMF) comes on from the Airport End, makes things happen but really he can't do it all by himself and Sagar Pun pulls a beauty behind square to move on to 54* , 11 off the over, after 22 off the previous one and Nepal are 256 for 2 after 40 overs
  • Pradeep Airee moves to 49* (25 balls), Sagar 59*; Nepal 269 for 2 after 41 overs
  • And gets to his 50 off 27 balls (4 fours, 2 sixes) with a classy tuck to leg; Sagar Pun reverse-sweeps for 4 and even Mughis Juned is taking a beating. Nepal 275 for 2 after 42 overs
  • 300's going to be soared past, Nepal 294 for 2 after 43 overs, partnership of 103 so far for the third wicket between Pradeep Airee and Sagar Pun, reached with a full-toss thumped straight between long-off and long-on by Sagar
  • Oman's bowlers being put to the sword - their only consolation is that they too will get to bat on this wicket with all the freedom to play their strokes that a prolonged run-chase involves
  • Nepal reach 300 in the 44th over, Sagar 81*, Pradeep 55*
  • Still very breezy here at the TCG in Bangkok
  • Race between Pradeep 63* and Sagar 83* to get to a hundred, it's possible
  • Oman not helping themselves with six missed chances
  • WICKET Sagar Pun bowled by Umair Naem for 83, Nepal 319 for 3 in the 45th over. Excellent partnerships with Fazlur and Pradeep by Sagar - a good mature innings
  • New Nepali batsman is Naresh Budhayer (RHB), Sagar's 83 came off 80 balls
  • WICKET Pradeep hits his cleanest six yet, he moves on to 80 and then another to move onto 86 before being caught at square leg by Chirag Asher off Gayash Dias, just 40 balls for that 86 (6 fours, 5 sixes). Nepal 332 for 4 in the 46th over
  • Nepal have surpassed the highest score at the TCG in the short history if the ground so far, the wicket after being skiddy and of variable bounce in its first few months has settled down into being an absolute belter
  • Nepal have managed their innings very well, accelerating in concentrated bursts like a chain reaction
  • Nepal's captain Prithu Baskota is the new batsman, Nepal 345 for 4 in the 47th over
  • 16 off the 48th over, mostly to Naresh and Nepal are 364 for 4. 400 is gettable!
  • One over to go, Nepal 380 for 4, Naresh 37*, Prithu 12*
  • Mughis Juned (LMF) should be hard to get away
  • Nepal finish on 392 for 4, a formidable score
  • UPDATE Five runs are added to Oman's score before they even bat as the Nepal batsmen have been penalised for running down the pitch on the last ball, after the umpires warned the Nepali batsmen.
  • Notwithstanding the dubious practise of running on the wicket, Nepal's batsmen may have run away with the match, 392 will be a huge target to chase. Oman have the batsmen, but Nepal have the bowlers and fielders too. Should be a good contest, join us for the resumption of the match after LUNCH, at 0640 hrs GMT
  • Oman start with 2 off the bat to add to their 5 from the start and they're 7 for 1 after 1 over
  • First boundary to Oman as Mohool Misra pulls Avinash Karn down to fine leg, Oman 14 for 1 in the third over
  • WICKET Abishek Ramesh is bowled by Karki for 3 and Oman are 14 for 1 in the third over
  • Miyuru Wickremaratne (LHB) is the new batsman, looks quite accomplished
  • Oman need to take advantage of the first 10 overs' powerplay - get 60 on the board, or the task of chasing 392 will be beyond them
  • FOUR to Mohool Misra, good straight drive, Oman 23 for 1 in the 5th over
  • Five overs gone, Oman 25 for 1, target of 392
  • WICKET Nepal's stranglehold on the game increases as Miyuru Wickremaratne is run-out at the bowler's end following some sloppy running and Oman are 36 for 2 at the end of the 8th over
  • Oman just don't seem to have any intensity today - the batsmen have no oomph, zip or zap to them and 392 is already looking ungettable
  • WICKET Another run-out. Sweekrith Sajeevan goes for 1 and Oman are 40 for 3 in the 10th over
  • FOUR Mohool Misra's still in though and moves on to 24 with a "spanking" s R J Shastri would say, off drive. "Out of the top-drawer, a real pearler" as RJS also says
  • Bhuvan Karki SLA and economical comes on as, with 40 overs to go, Oman need another 348 to win at 8.70 an over or just under 3 runs every 2 balls
  • All in the circle bar one at square leg, as Nepal tighten the noose
  • Prithu Baskota (OB) on at the Marsh End
  • And gets a big WICKET, bowling Mohool Misra going for a big one, for 30 off 46 balls, Oman 48 for 4 in the 12th over
  • All Nepal now as Ahmed Hussain is well caught low down to slip's right off Bhuvan Karki and Oman are 49 for 5 in the 13th over, chasing 392
  • Gayash Dias and Chirag Asher at the crease for Oman, mountains to climb
  • Still only one outside the 30-yard circle as Nepal really don't want to give away even a single unnecessarily to Oman. Oman are going to need to hit through and over the field for their runs (many, many times)
  • Which Chirag Asher does, slamming Bhuvan Karki over mid-on for the fifth boundary of Oman's innings, Oman 57 for 5 after 15 overs. Target 392
  • Bhuvan Karki (SLA) getting turn away from the right-handers, and Oman get just one run off his fourth over. Oman 61 for 5 after 17 overs, target 392
  • FOUR to Chirag Asher, an on-drive, to greet Rahul Vishvakarma (SLA)
  • WICKET Prithu Baskota pouches a lofted drive by Chirag Asher at silly mid-off off Rahul Vishvakarma and DRINKS are taken with Oman on 66 for 6.
  • Contrast in styles with the two Nepali left-arm spinners, Bhuvan Karki has lower, flatter trajectory than Rahul Vishvakarma who gives it plenty of air, Bhuvan looking for the sliding spin off the wicket as he aims primarily to keep things tight. Rahul looks for the classical turn and bounce from pitching it in the batsman's blind-spot as often as possible.
  • They're two good weapons for Nepal - made to look even more dangerous by Oman's crease-stuck batsmen. Nepal's wicket-keeper Subash Khakurel is keeping very well to them too
  • 20 overs gone and Oman are 67 for 6. Target 392 with 30 overs to go
  • WICKET Third run-out for Oman as Krishna Karki hits the stumps direct at the striker's end with Umair Naeem is a yard and a half short, 67 for 7 in the 22nd over
  • All this time, in the nets at the corner of the ground, Afghanistan have been practising. Four hours they've been at it, at some intensity. Nepal v Afghanistan on Friday's going to be a cracker of a match! Live commentary on that one of course on this page
  • WICKET Oman lose another, Gayash Dias caught behind for 4 off 38 balls. Oman 69 for 8 in the 25th over
  • Avinash Karn (LFM) returns at the Airport End, he replaces Bhuvan Karki 7-3-12-1
  • Game drifting into oblivion here - Oman not scoring runs, Nepal not taking wickets Oman 80 for 8 after 28 overs; target 392
  • WICKET Prithu catches Sachin Someshwar for 14 (24 balls), at mid-off off Rahul Vishvakarma and man are 87 for 9 after 31 overs. Mughis Juned is the last batsman for Oman today
  • WICKET Ironic! Oman missed 7 in the deep, Nepal take their one and only chance offered there as Oman are all out for 87 after 31.5 overs
  • Nepal superior to Oman as they win by 304 runs, in every department. Oman were expected to be much closer and it's a bitter disappointment to them that they're not. Nepal are cock-a-hoop with the victory

Video: Nepal: Winners to a Man

ACC U-19 Elite Cup 2011

Group B: Nepal v Oman at Terdthai Cricket Ground, Bangkok
Nepal won the toss and chose to bat
Nepal: 391 for 4 off 50 overs (F.R.Khan 101, S.Pun 83, P.Airee 86, N.Budhayer 37*)
Oman: 87 all out off 31.5 overs (M.Mishra 30; R.Vishvakarma 3-14)
Man of the Match: Fazlur Rahman Khan (Nepal)

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Filed February 2nd, 2011