Kuwait Cricket holds Officials Meeting


Kuwait Cricket (KC) held the ACC U-19 Elite Cup tournament officials dinner meeting at the Hyatt hotel on the 21st evening where all the visiting match officials, team captains, coaches and managers participated.

Major General Faisal M. Al Jazzaf

With the patronage of Major General Faisal M. Al-Jazzaf, Chairman and Director General of Public Authority for Youth and Sports, Kuwait Cricket is conducting this ACC premier tournament for the U-19 level under the leadership of President of KC Sheikh Dhari Fahd Al Ahmed Al Sabah. The tournament comprises 10 teams the Elite group from Asia, Middle East and Far East. The teams are from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and UAE.

The meeting was conducted by the Tournament Technical Committee with participation from members of the Organizing Committee, KC Board and Executive Council members. Head of Technical Committee, KC Executive Council member and Director of the Kuwait Umpires, Mr. Riaz Choudhary started the proceedings welcoming everyone for a thrilling 10 days of competitive cricket at its best. He welcomed all the guests and requested the Tournament Director, Mr Asad Baig, say a few words. In his humble way Mr. Baig requested all participating teams and officials for their support in making this event a success.

“Kuwait is an emerging nation”, he said “and we have made every possible effort to look after the needs of the teams and everyone concerned.” He further requested the participants to disregard whatever shortcomings they may face and openly provide their valuable feedback to make things better for now and in future. Mr. Choudhary invited international acclaimed match referee and umpire Mr. Raqib Ul Hasan from Bangladesh to go over the salient features of the playing conditions. Mr. Hasan highly praised the hospitality that has been extended by Kuwait Cricket so far to all the visiting teams and officials. Going over the match details he emphasized to all captains, coaches and umpires to keep the spirit of the game. “Play the game hard but play the game fair.” he said. He told the captains to take a bigger responsibility in the field and maintain the over rate, discipline and conduct of team members. He opened the forum for questions where the visiting teams addressed various concerns and queries which were duly responded.

Senior board member, Yousef Al Bash, addressed the gathering and asked everyone to enjoy themselves whilst in Kuwait. Talking about his own golden years of Kuwait cricket, which he started at the “young” age of 50 years, he mentioned that he never passes a day without watching cricket. He has dedicated his life to the game since his first love for it started in 1957.

“We all enjoy watching good cricket and I hope everyone will play and enjoy the game, keeping the spirit of the game alive,” he added. ACC Development Officer, Mr. Iqbal Sikander emphasized the importance of this tournament which is a qualifier to the ICC U-19 World Cup. He extended his praise to Kuwait Cricket, talking about how it has grown admirably since his association with Kuwait. He was highly pleased with the brilliant grounds and pitches that have been developed in the last few years.

“I hope every match is good and want to see teams give a 100% while maintaining discipline on and off the field,” Mr. Sikander said. Board member Emad Al Jasam gave a vote of thanks welcoming all and asking again to maintain the spirit of cricket in each match.

Filed April 23, 2009