ACC U-19 Challenge Cup 2011

Venues : Penang Sports Club and Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang
Kinrara Oval and Selangor Turf Club, Kuala Lumpur
Dates : 3rd – 9th July
The top two teams will be promoted to the ACC U-19 Elite Cup of 2013.

Playing Conditions

Kuala Lumpur Penang
Saudi Arabia Bhutan
Kuwait China
Maldives Myanmar
Brunei Iran

Saudi Arabia - Winners

All matches start at 10 AM (0200 hrs GMT), except at Selangor Turf Club where they start at 10.30 AM
Sun, July 3 Kuwait v Saudi Arabia at Kinrara
Brunei v Maldives at Selangor Turf Club
Bhutan v China at Penang Sports Club
Iran v Myanmar at Universiti Sains Malaysia
Mon, July 4 Brunei v Kuwait at Kinrara
Maldives v Saudi Arabia at STC
China v Iran at PSC
Bhutan v Myanmar at USM
Wed, July 6 Brunei v Saudi Arabia at Kinrara
Kuwait v Maldives at STC
Bhutan v Iran at PSC
China v Myanmar at USM
Fri, July 8 SF1: Kuwait v China at Kinrara
SF2: Saudi Arabia v Bhutan at STC
5th/6th Playoff: Maldives v Iran at PSC
Sat, July 9 FINAL: Kuwait v Saudi Arabia at Kinrara
3rd/4th Playoff: China v Bhutan at STC
7th/8th Playoff: Brunei v Myanmar at PSC