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ACC U-16 Premier 2014: SCORECARDS

Venue : Malaysia
Dates : 14th - 20th August 2014

20th August 2014

Bahrain v Oman at Bayuemas
Malaysia v Nepal at Kinrara
Singapore v Thailand at STC

18th August 2014

Malaysia v Singapore at Bayuemas
Oman v Thailand at Kinrara
Bahrain v Nepal at STC

17th August 2014

Bahrain v Singapore at Kinrara
Nepal v Oman at RSC
Malaysia v Thailand at STC

15th August 2014

Nepal v Singapore at Kinrara
Bahrain v Thailand at RSC
Malaysia v Oman at STC

14th August 2014

Malaysia v Bahrain at Kinrara
Oman v Singapore at RSC
Nepal v Thailand at STC

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