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ACC U-16 Premier 2014: NEPAL

Venue : Malaysia
Dates : 14th - 20th August 2014

NEP Sumit Maharjan (Captain) RHB/RM
NEP Asif Sheikh RHB/WK
NEP Pranit Thapa RHB
NEP Sushant Thapa RHB/WK
NEP Pawan Sharraf RHB/OB
NEP Jitendra Singh RHB/OB
NEP Rabindra Jung Shahi RHB
NEP Ravi Kumar RHB
NEP Rabi Chand RHB
NEP Ashish Pokhrel RHB/SLA
NEP Bijay Chaudhary RHB/LM
NEP Anil Kharel LHB/SLA
NEP Rijan Dhakal RHB/LM
NEP Roshan Adhikari RHB
Manager – Ranjeet Tamang
Coach – Basanta Shahi
Assistant Coach – Raju Basnet

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