"When batsmen are on top, the game develops. When bowlers are on top, the game changes." Alex Bowden

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ACC U-16 Elite 2014: SCORECARDS

Venues : Mesaieed Industrial City, West End Park; Doha
Dates : 22nd - 28th October 2014

28th October, 2014
Afghanistan v Hong Kong at WEP

27th October, 2014
Qatar v Kuwait at MIC
Hong Kong v Iran at WEP

26th October, 2014
Iran v Kuwait at MIC
Qatar v Afghanistan at WEP

24th October, 2014
Qatar v Hong Kong at MIC
Afghanistan v Kuwait at WEP

23rd October, 2014
Afghanistan v Iran at MIC
Hong Kong v Kuwait at WEP

22nd October, 2014
Qatar v Iran at WEP

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