• Day 5: Afghanistan v China at Traidhos Oval, Chiang Mai
    Toss: Afghanistan, chose to bat
    Afghanistan have made one change to the XI that beat UAE yesterday, leg-spinner Qais Ahmed comes in for off-spinner Ibrahim Zadran (whose the nephew of the senior team's Noor Ali Zadran). China are unchanged from their last game
  • Afghanistan after winning the toss, haven't been allowed to score as freely as they'd like, just two boundaries in the first five overs, Afghanistan 19 for 0
  • Afghanistan's captain Javed Ahmadzai, battling through an opened-up scab on his arm following a dive to survive being run-out, is starting to play his shots now, five 4s so far, and running well, as Afghanistan are on 52 for 0 after 10 overs
  • WICKET Javed Ahmadzai, attempting a dab down to third man, ball too close to him, sees off-stump knocked back by Han Minjian. Can't believe it, rooted at the crease long after the bails have stopped bouncing. Afghanistan 61 for 1 in the 12th over
  • Afghanistan trying to force the runs now, hitting over the top and coming down the wicket to the Chinese medium-pacers, no real timing as yet by Abdul Sabor and Parviz Khan, Afghanistan 84 for 1 after 15 overs.
  • Abdul Sabor riding his luck, been dropped four times, China's left-arm spinner Shen Jiajie the unfortunate bowler, Parwiz Khan survives a chance too, three dropped catches in the 19th over, Afghanistan 132 for 1 after 19 overs
  • Hundred partnership off 64 balls, between Abdul Sabor and Parviz Khan for the second wicket, Afghanistan 162 for 1 after 22 overs. China's bowlers being let down by their fielders, Afghanistan batting like they can never get out
  • Abdul Sabor reaches 50, 54 balls, four 4s, one 6 - dropped four times on the way
  • WICKET, finally, two stumpings survived, six chances given, Abdul Sabor is caught at cover by Chen Jinfeng having come a quarter of the way down the wicket attempting another big one, he's out for 68 off 63 and Afghanistan after that 136-run partnership are 197 for 2 after 25 overs. Shen Jaijie SLA finally gets one of the several wickets he deserves for some good bowling
  • "Bit of a buffet going on here," says Traidhos Oval Director of Cricket David Buck, "one lies awake at night dreaming of bowling like this. Shen Jaijie's figures 5-0-61-1 don't do him any justice at all, there's some real talent there." Thing is, there's just one of him, and there've been four Afghan bats up against him so far. With more to come. Afghanistan 211 for 2 after 26 overs
  • WICKET Parviz Khan holes out to mid-on, he goes for 79 off 54 balls, eight 4s, two 6s, survived two chances and a stumping, Afghanistan 214 for 3 in the 27th, Sayed Hakim RHB - a hitter with the best power-to-weight ratio in the Afghan team comes out to bat. Shen Jaijie gets a much-deserved second
  • WICKET Sayed Hakim holes out to long-on, Shen Jaijie the catcher shows his team-mates how its done, Afghanistan 234 for 4 in the 29th over. Hakim made 13 off 8
  • Ten overs to go, Afghanistan 248 for 4 after 30 overs. 360 the target.
    Two fine left-handers at the crease, Tariq Khan and Imran Khan. Tariq a definite U-19 prospect, Imran Khan an extremely confident bat - wrested the game away from UAE yesterday when he came in with his side in quite a bit of trouble
  • Six overs to go, Afghanistan 275 for 4 after 34 overs. 360 the target. The Batting Powerplay's been taken. China have long-off, square-leg, third man on the boundary to the two Afghan left-handers at the crease
  • Five overs to go, Afghanistan 287 for 4 after 35 overs. The bats starting to sound like whipcracks
  • Tariq Khan's 50 has taken just 30 balls, no false strokes, Afghanistan 300 for 4 in the 37th over
  • Afghanistan have made 353 and then 354 whenever they've batted first this tournament, 329 for 4 with two overs to go of this innings v China.
  • Hundred partnership for the fifth wicket between Tariq and Imran, off 60 balls
  • China's fourteenth catch goes down, we're in the last over, Afghanistan 341 for 4
  • Imran Khan LHB gets to his 50, 36 balls, seven 4s off the last ball of the innings and Afghanistan finish on 358 for 4 off 40 overs
  • Afghanistan: 358 for 4 off 40 overs (J.Ahmadzai 36, A.Sabor 68, P.Khan 79, T.Khan 83*, I.Khan 51*)
  • Had China held all of the seventeen catches on offer, Afghanistan's batters individually would not have scored as many. Overall, however, given the depth of the Afghan batting, the score may well have been as high. It was one of those teenagers against boys scenarios today. China tried hard, hurled themselves around the ground and in Shen Jaijie have a fine left-arm spinner. Plenty of room for development, Afghanistan's cricketers too. Until the two left-handers Tariq and Imran Khan came to the crease, the batting was sloppy and overly cavalier.
    Still, its Afghanistan who have gone into lunch having scored at just under nine an over.
  • Shafiullah Mohammad is captaining the Afghans on the field, Javed Ahmadzai's scraped elbow is too sore for him to take the field
  • Javed Ahmadzai's back on the field, 12th man Ibrahim Zadran comes off, as have two Chinese batsmen, pinned on the foot by Naween-ul-Huq, the pain too much to continue. Shades of Australia v Sri Lanka in the 1975 World Cup
  • And three wickets have now fallen too, Shafiullah and Naween the strikers, China 8 for 3 in the fifth over
  • Naween's third, is China's fifth loss, 9 for 5 in the seventh over. He and Shafiullah are justttooquick
  • All but fine leg in the circle for the Afghan pacemen, two slips. China playing for pride against the fastest, most hostile bowling they've ever faced in their short playing careers
  • Naveen takes four, and with a run-out the seventh Chinese wicket falls. The two injured batsmen will not be resuming their aborted innings, and so the last man is in, China 9 for 7 in the ninth
  • The eighth wicket falls with no addition to the score, next ball and AFGHANISTAN WIN BY 349 RUNS

ACC U-16 Challenge Cup 2012

Afghanistan v China at Traidhos Oval
Afghanistan won the toss and chose to bat
Afghanistan: 358 for 4 off 40 overs (J.Ahmadzai 36, A.Sabor 68, P.Khan 79, T.Khan 83*, I.Khan 51*)
China: 9 all out off 8.4 overs (N.ul-Haq 5-2)
Man of the Match: Naween ul-Haq (Afghanistan)

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Filed March 7th, 2012