• ACC U-16 Challenge Cup 2012, Day 2
    Afghanistan v Bhutan at Traidhos Oval, Chiang Mai
    Afghanistan won the toss and chose to bat
  • Afghanistan doing it in boundaries, 18 for 0 after 3 overs, Bhutan bowling wide of off-stump, there has been a maiden by Ugyen Dorji, Bhutan committed 100% in the field and deserving of respect
  • Afghanistan: 38 for 0 after 5 overs
    Javed Ahmadzai 161* yesterday v Maldives is carrying on in the same vein today, finding the boundaries with some booming lofted drives. The ball reaching us at long-on after one of them, is seen to already be batterered out of shape. He and Abdul Sabor have discarded their helmets now too.
  • Afghanistan: 40 for 0 after 7 overs
    Bhutan bowling well now, off-stump on a length and Javed Ahmadzai gives the CHANCE of a return catch to Ugyen Dorji, hit with such power, Ugyen probably lucky to survive with fingers intact
  • Afghanistan: 42 for 0 after 8 overs
    And that misnomer of modern-day cricket, the Bowling Powerplay (the fielders come in) is imposed by the Bhutan captain.
    We're joined by one of Thailand's many fine coaches Edward Joyner, a Chiang Mai resident whose watching this match....
  • Edward Joyner: "Bhutanese are bowling very well, it's been line and length, but anything short is being punished by the Afghan batsmen who are very powerful. A bit loose in their strokes, and I'd have someone at cow corner. Have been very impressed by the Afghans so far, whatever they score they have the bowlers who could defend 100."
  • Edward Joyner: "The openers are playing with a lot of freedom, maybe too much, but they look like the type who could raise their game against even better bowling than Bhutan's. The opener (Javed Ahmadzai) must be some bat, anyone who can bat through 40 overs must be a good player. Bhutan's spinners may tie them up, because there's always a tendency for young batsmen and young strokeplayers to be far less comfortable when they have to use their feet."
  • Afghanistan: 57 for 0 after 10 overs
  • Afghanistan: 73 for 0 after 13 overs (J.Ahmadzai 35*, A.Sabor 34*)
    Bhutan fielding well, but it's like trying to push back a convoy of trucks with your bare hands
  • If the Afghan batsmen have a weakness, its their running between the wickets, lots of runs being missed
  • Afghanistan: 93 for 0 after 16 overs (J.Ahmadzai 50*, 46 balls, seven 4s , A.Sabor 41*)
  • Edward Joyner: "Bhutan are doing pretty well, haven't bowled a lot of rubbish, a few too many have been short, and they've just gone. Considering they've come from a very cold winter, don't have a ground big enough to practise on, and don't have grass wickets, they've shown decent ability."
  • Afghanistan: 120 for 0 after 19 overs (J.Ahmadzai 61*, A.Sabor's 55*, 59 balls, six 4s, three 6s)
    Afghanistan: 121 for 1 in the 20th over, Sabor caught well by Tenzin Wangchick at long-off, running to his left, out for 55.
    Afghanistan: 121 for 2 in the 20th over, Javed Ahmadzai out for 62, lbw Tenzin and he's on a hat-trick, Tandin Wangchuk the catcher, Tariq Khan LHB the new bat joins Parviz Khan at the crease
  • Afghanistan: 132 for 2 after 22 overs
  • Afghanistan: 165 for 2 after 24 overs
    Tariq Khan LHB (64* off 29 balls yesterday v Maldives) and Parviz Khan looking even more assured than the departed openers, have style and flair and are playing some sparkling strokes
  • Afghanistan: 170 for 2 after 25 overs (J.Ahmadzai 62, A.Sabor 55)
  • Afghanistan: 192 for 2 after 27 overs (J.Ahmadzai 62, A.Sabor 55, T.Khan 41*)
  • HUNDRED PARTNERSHIP from 64 balls
    Afghanistan: 212 for 2 after 30 overs (J.Ahmadzai 62, A.Sabor 55, P.Khan 49*, T.Khan 48*)
  • It looks like the only way the Afghans could be tested this tournament is if they're made to sit down and do their O Levels.
  • Afghanistan: 212 for 2 after 30 overs (J.Ahmadzai 62, A.Sabor 55, P.Khan 55* 34 balls, eight 4s, T.Khan 51*, 32 balls, seven 4s)
    Afghanistan: 231 for 3 in the 32nd over, Tariq Khan out for 51, caught at gully off Aydiv Khatri
  • Afghanistan 239 for 3 after 32 overs, new batsman is Sayed Hakim RHB
  • Afghanistan's 250 up in the 33rd over
  • Afghanistan: 282 for 3 after 34 overs FIFTY PARTNERSHIP from 20 balls
    Some strokes of absolute authority by Parviz Khan 81* and Syed Hakim, the boundaries being peppered, Bhutan's bowlers only crime being to drop on a length
  • Afghanistan: 291 for 3 after 35 overs
  • Afghanistan: 306 for 3 after 36 overs (P.Khan 97*, S.Hakim 30*)
  • Parviz Khan 100* off 56 balls, fifteen 4s, one 6 - quite a batsman
    Afghanistan: 311 for 3 in the 36th over
  • WICKET Sayed Hakim falls lbw sweeping off the bowling of Ugyen Tenzin, out for 41 off 16 balls, two 4s,four 6s
    Afghanistan: 325 for 4 in the 38th over
  • One over to go, Afghanistan: 337 for 4, Parviz Khan 115*
  • WICKET - Ibrahim Zadran is run-out, Parviz is dropped at mid-on after two FOURS, but the fielder recovers to throw to the bowler, Afghanistan 345 for 5 with three balls to go
  • Afghanistan: 354 for 5 off 40 overs (A.Sabor 55, J.Ahmadzai 62, P.Khan 131*, T.Khan 51, S.Hakim 41)
  • Afghanistan put the pedal to the metal from the start and then found an extra gear with Parviz Khan's 131* off 67 balls which just demoralized the upto then sprightly Bhutanese. Heads went down as did a couple of catches, and Afghanistan looked more than a class above them. And you know what? They bowl even better than they bat.
  • Bhutan: 0 for 2 after 2.1 overs - WICKETS falling to the sharp pace of Shafiullah and Naveed-ul-Haq
  • Bhutan: 2 for 2 after 3 overs, two slips and a gully for Naween (Target 355 off 40 overs)
  • Naween is sharp but Shafiullah looks the more dangerous, long, rhythmic run-up, wears his hero Hamid Hassan's 66 on his back, bowls wicket to wicket with a pretty good action. As he fills out will add yards to his pace, 'keeper and first slip 20 yards back already
  • WICKET Ugyen Dorji's yorked by Naween, good bowling, Bhutan: 8 for 3 in the fifth over (Target 355 off 40 overs)
  • Bhutan: 12 for 3 after 7 overs (Target 355 from 40 overs) Bhutan's Jigme Dorji and Ugyen Tenzin getting behind the line well and defending stoutly, Naween getting the ball to climb above the head on occasion
  • Bhutan: 15 for 3 after 8 overs (Target 355 from 40 overs) Qais Ahmed LB on at the School End in place of Naween-ul Haq 4-1-4-2
  • Yousuf Zazai RFM comes on in place of Shafullah at the Farm End, 4-1-10-1 and is hit for two FOURS in his first over, Bhutan's first boundaries, good shots both, Yousuf displaying the rhythm of one who has his laces tied together, Bhutan 28 for 3 after 10 overs
  • Shafiullah's back after that one Yousuf Zazai over, Jigme Dorji 10*, Ugyen Tenzin 6*, Bhutan still 28 for 3, 11 overs gone (Target 355 from 40 overs)
  • WICKET Shafiullah gets his second, Ugyen Tenzin bowled through the gate, beaten by pace and inward movement, length ball, he's out for 6 and Bhutan 30 for 4 in the 12th over (Target 355 from 40)
  • WICKET Shafiullah gets his third, carbon copy of the previous wicket, Phub Tshering this time bowled through the gate, beaten by pace and inward movement, he's out for 1, Shafiullah 5.4-1-12-3 and Bhutan are 32 for 5 in the 14th over (Target 355 from 40)
  • WICKET Shafiullah has two in two now, right after the drinks break, Tshering Penjor out first ball, lbw, Bhutan 32 for 6 in the 14th over
  • Pema Wangchuck survives the hat-trick ball, every fielder inside the circle, Shafiullah appeals mightily for an lbw, Bhutan 32 for 6 after 14 overs (Target 355, 40 overs)
  • Qais Ahmed LB keeping things tight from the School End here at Prem 4-1-6-0, Shafiullah is the WICKET taker so far, picks up his fifth, Pema Wangchuck has his off-stump knocked back, Bhutan are 34 for 7 in the 16th over (Target 355, 40 overs)
  • Naween-ul Haq RFM back on at the School End, 4-1-10-2 up to now
  • Naween bowls a MAIDEN, Bhutan 35 for 7 after 17 overs (Target 355, 40 overs)
  • Shafiullah to bowl his last, 7-2-12-5 so far in two spells from the Farm End
  • Shafiullah strikes with his fourth, rolls his fingers over the seam and just guides one into the base of Tandin Wangchuk's middle stump, that's his sixth and Bhutan are 35 for 8 in the 18th over (Target 355, 40 overs)
  • Shafiullah finishes with 8-2-12-6 - top performance by the Hamid Hassan replicant
  • Naween-ul-Haq RFM huffing and puffing but can't blow the Bhutanese tailenders down, 6-2-8-2 so far, Bhutan 40 for 8 after 19 overs (Target 355, 40 overs)
  • Naween gets his radar right, and it was exceptionally fast, Jigme Dorji's leg-stump goes flying, had been in a long time for his 11 (54 balls, two 4s), and Bhutan are 41 for 9 in the 21st over
  • Just fine leg and third man on the boundary for Naween.
  • "All over red rover" says Match Referee Richard Bartholomew as the last Bhutanese becomes the ninth batsman to hear his stumps knocked down, Naween picks up his fourth and AFGHANISTAN WIN BY 311 RUNS
  • Shafiullah is presented with the match ball by Richard Bartholomew for his sterling effort and Parviz Khan is Man of the Match for his unbeaten century.

ACC U-16 Challenge Cup 2012

Afghanistan v Bhutan at Traidhos Oval
Afghanistan won the toss and chose to bat
Afghanistan: 354 for 5 off 40 overs (A.Sabor 55, J.Ahmadzai 62, P.Khan 131*, T.Khan 51, S.Hakim 41)
Bhutan: 43 all out off 21 overs (N.ul-Haq 4-9, S.Mohammad 6-13)
Man of the Match: Parviz Khan (Afghanistan)

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Filed March 4th, 2012