2006 ACC U-15 Cup (Elite Division) - AFGHANISTAN v U.A.E.

Afghanistan are nothing if not a super-confident side who aim to dominate from the start and taking first use of the track at an idyllic Selangor Turf Club they surely felt that events would go their way. Ziaul Ahmadzai’s loss of his partner Abdul Sedigi for a duck, in the third over did nothing to slow him down and in tandem with Zard Ali, they crafted a 95-run partnership at a fair clip before Ahmadzai fell just before lunch for 45 to the spin of Vignesh Rajan. They hit 14 fours between them.

Afghani defense

The introduction of the spinners worked miracles for the U.A.E. and pushed Afghanistan into a tight corner. A middle order collapse had five wickets falling for 15 runs. On being asked about the sudden fall of wickets, Afghani coach Mr. Allah Dad Noori said that the batsmen were not used to the spin bowlers as back home they practiced mostly on cement pitches where the ball hardly ever turned.

The U.A.E. spin attack was lead by Vignesh Rajan who bowled with turn and verve to record 4 – 46 in 16 overs. He was aptly supported by Syed Mohsin who captured 3 wickets for 33.

As the day grew hotter and moved towards the break, runs just didn’t seem to show up on the scoresheet and at the tea break Afghanistan were still at a shaky 147/8 from 48 overs. Once play resumed they were only able to notch 153 in 50.5 overs.

The U.A.E. batsmen never seemed to settle right from the start. Troubled by the sheer pace of Jawad Rahmani, Manish Dhakan played a defensive drive half – heartedly only for the ball to land comfortably into the waiting hands of the bowler himself. Although this was the only wicket taken by Rahmani, the figures he bowled at were 1 -10 in seven overs, four of them being maidens. With a cunning change of pace at times he was able to keep the batsmen thinking while maintaining an accurate line and length.

U.A.E cricketers

Taking 4 – 37 in 18.2 overs, Zard Ali was yet another thorn in the flesh of the U.A.E. batsmen who could never really play him comfortably. Muhammad Waqar and Anish Ahuja were able to stay at the crease for a considerable amount of time but the runs never seemed to materialize and they both fell to Ali.

At the end of their innings U.A.E. totaled a lucky 117 all out in 50.2 overs. Had the Afghans not generously given them 33 extras they would be on an even lower total of just 84.

In their second innings which they played just below an hour, the Afghani’s put up a score of 60/3 in 15 overs at the close of stumps.

Afghanistan v U.A.E at Selangor Turf Club
Afghanistan won the toss and elected to bat
Afghanistan: 153 all out off 50.5 overs (Ziaul Ahmadzai 45; Zard Ali 58; Vignesh Rajan 4-46) and 60 for 3 off 15 overs
U.A.E : 117 all out off 50.2 overs (Zard Ali 4-37)
Afghanistan - 11 points; UAE - 6 points
Man of the Match: Zard Ali

Filed May 29 2006