ACC U-15 Cup 2006 (Elite Division)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 26 May to 8 June 2006.

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For the first time, the competition will consist of two-day matches. The eight quarter-finalists of the ACC U-15 tournament played in UAE in April 2005 were eligible for this tournament.

The groupings draw was made at the ACC Secretariat on the 7th March 2006. The bottom two teams of this tournament will be demoted and they will participate only in the Plate Division of the subsequent year’s U-15 Tournament.

Match schedule :

26th – 27th May Malaysia v Nepal at Kelab Aman
Afghanistan v UAE at Selangor Turf Club
Hong Kong v Singapore at Kinrara Oval
Bahrain v Kuwait at Bayumas Oval

29th – 30th May Afghanistan v Kuwait at Selangor Turf Club
Malaysia v Singapore at Kinrara Oval
Bahrain v UAE at Bayumas Oval
Hong Kong v Nepal at Royal Selangor Club

1st – 2nd June Nepal v Singapore at Kelab Aman
Malaysia v Hong Kong at Selangor Turf Club
Afghanistan v Bahrain at Kinrara Oval
Kuwait v UAE at Royal Selangor Club

4th – 5th June SF-1: Bahrain v Nepal at Kelab Aman
SF-2: Malaysia v UAE at Royal Selangor Club
Play-Off SF1: Singapore v Kuwait at Kilat Club
Play-Off SF2: Hong Kong v Afghanistan at Royal Military College

7th – 8th June Final: Nepal v UAE at Kinrara Oval