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ACC Twenty20 Cup 2015: MALDIVES

Venues : Al Dhaid Cricket Village, Sharjah Cricket Stadium; UAE
Dates : 25th – 30th January 2015

MLD Ahmed Faiz (Captain) RHB/OB
MLD Abdulla Shahid RHB/RFM
MLD Mohamed Mahafooz RHB/SLA
MLD Ahmed Hassan
MLD Ahmed Mauroof LHB/LFM
MLD Adam Nasif
MLD Shafraz Jaleel RHB/WK
MLD Hassan Ibrahim RHB/RFM
MLD Mihusan Hamid RHB/OB
MLD Leem Shafeeg RHB/RFM
MLD Abdul Qanee
MLD Mohamed Azzam RHB
MLD Mohamed Rishwan RHB/WK
MLD Shunan Ali
MLD Manager – Vidyuth Jaisimha
MLD Coach – Imad Ismail
MLD Physio – Madih Ismail

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