ACC Trophy Elite 2010 -Commentary - Kuwait v Oman

Thanks very much for logging on for today's match. All teams are on a break tomorrow and we return on the 6th for our live commentary on the Malaysia v UAE game.
Man of the Match or rather the Men of the Match went to Oman's Adnan Ilyas for his unbeaten 82 runs off 84 as well as Oman's Deep Trivedi for his 42 runs off 47 and four wickets for 36 runs.
So, final score at the Unity Ground. Oman finish the game off at 249 for 5 off 45.2 overs and win by five wickets.
Oman were in complete control of the game right from the start and their performance today was purely academic. Not wasting their wickets or playing rash strokes, Oman now tighten their grip on that precious second spot in Group A and a possible semi-final spot.
Oman win by five wickets
45.2 Shahid to Adnan, SIX, batsman walks out of his crease and clobbers the ball over mid wicket - IT'S OVER!
45.1 Shahid to Aamir, single to mid off
End of over 45 ( 2 runs) Oman: 242-5 Adnan 76*, Aamir 2*
44.6 Khalid to Adnan, dot ball, swung outside off
44.5 Khalid to Adnan, down leg side, no wide given
44.4 Khalid to Aamir, a slower ball, fumble in the field, one run
44.3 Khalid to Aamir, defended, dot
44.2 Khalid to Adnan, a square cut on the off, single taken
44.1 Khalid to Adnan, smashed straight to cover, dot
End of over 44 ( 3 runs) Oman: 240-5 Adnan 75*, Aamir 1*
43.6 Javed to Adnan, hit straight for a single
43.5 Javed to Adnan, dot
43.4 Javed to Adnan, hit down past the bowler, 2 runs
43.3 Javed to Adnan, dot ball
43.2 Javed to Adnan, straight to cover, dot
43.1 Javed to Adnan, dug out, dot ball
End of over 43 ( 3 runs) Oman: 237-5 Adnan 72*, Aamir 1*
42.6 Khalid to Adnan, overthrow, single
42.5 Khalid to Adnan, mishit, across the line, dot
42.4 Khalid to Aamir, edged to third man, 1 run
42.3 Khalid to Adnan, single, Kuwait's misfielding has cost them dearly
42.2 Khalid to Adnan, Khalid is very fast even at this late stage, defended, dot
42.1 Khalid to Adnan, dot ball
14 to win off 48 balls
End of over 42 ( 1 runs) Oman: 234-5 Adnan 70*, Aamir 0*
New man in is Amir Ali (RHB)
Aamir Khaleem ct K. Butt b K. Amin - 25 off 34 (four 4s)
41.6 Amin to Khaleem, OUT, slammed down to Khalid Butt at short cover.
41.5 Amin to Khaleem, defended
41.5 Amin to Khaleem, WIDE
41.4 Amin to Khaleem, another do
41.3 Amin to Khaleem,back to bowler, dot
41.2 Amin to Khaleem, missed, dot
41.1 Amin to Khaleem, dot ball
50-run partnership comes up
End of over 41 ( 12 runs) Oman: 233-4 Adnan 70*, Khaleem 25*
40.6 Hisham to Khaleem, flicked off onto the leg side, 1 run
40.5 Hisham to Khaleem, FOUR, too easy, pushed past the keeper to fine leg
40.4 Hisham to Khaleem, 2 leg byes
40.3 Hisham to Adnan, driven to long off for a single
40.3 Hisham to Khaleem, WIDE, three runs take as well.
40.2 Hisham to Khaleem, defended
40.1 Hisham to Khaleem, dot ball
Hisham Mirza (OB) the captain to bowl
27 runs need from 60 balls
End of over 40 ( 6 runs) Oman: 221-4 Adnan 69*, Khaleem 20*
39.6 Shahid to Khaleem, single tapped to long off
39.5 Shahid to Khaleem, strong defense
39.4 Shahid to Adnan, punched away to long off, single
39.3 Shahid to Adnan, defended
39.2 Shahid to Adnan, dot ball, back to bowler
39.1 Shahid to Adnan, FOUR, pulled away menacingly for four more
End of over 39 ( 5 runs) Oman: 215-4 Adnan 64*, Khaleem 19*
38.6 Javed to Khaleem, defended
38.5 Javed to Khaleem, dot
38.4 Javed to Khaleem, back to bowler, dot
38.3 Javed to Khaleem, dot ball
38.2 Javed to Khaleem, FOUR RUNS, slicing point and cover. Cleverly played!
38.1 Javed to Adnan, pushed through the mid wicket for a single
End of over 38 ( 7 runs) Oman: 210-4 Adnan 63*, Khaleem 15*
37.6 Iqbal to Khaleem, stopped, dot
37.5 Iqbal to Adnan, pushed for a single to long on
37.4 Iqbal to Adnan, FOUR, and thats hammered away through the covers
Oman taking their own time to attain the target
37.3 Iqbal to Adnan, blocked
37.2 Iqbal to Khaleem, cut past point to the deep, single taken
37.1 Iqbal to Adnan, single taken
45 runs to win off 72 balls
End of over 37 ( 9 runs) Oman: 202-4 Adnan 57*, Khaleem 14*
36.6 Javed to Khaleem, dot ball
36.5 Javed to Khaleem, FOUR runs, goes for a big hit over the mid wicket ropes
36.4 Javed to Adnan, casually pushed to long on for one
36.3 Javed to Khaleem, sliced down to third man, three runs taken
36.2 Javed to Adnan, single to long on
36.1 Javed to Adnan, dot ball
End of over 36 ( 7 runs) Oman: 194-4 Adnan 55*, Khaleem 7*
35.6 Iqbal to Khaleem, dot ball
35.5 Iqbal to Adnan, driven straight back, long off, single
35.4 Iqbal to Khaleem, cut past point, single
35.3 Iqbal to Khaleem, dot ball, bouncing up
35.2 Iqbal to Khaleem, full toss, FOUR, slashed away past backward point
35.1 Iqbal to Adnan, cut down to long off, one run
End of over 35 ( 4 runs) Oman: 187-4 Adnan 53*, Khaleem 2*
34.6 Javed to Khaleem, dot ball
34.5 Javed to Khaleem, driven to mid on, no run
34.4 Javed to Khaleem, back foot defense, dot
34.3 Javed to Khaleem, two through cover
34.2 Javed to Khaleem, dot
34.2 Javed to Khaleem, skiddin outside off, WIDE
34.1 Javed to Adnan, full pitched, single to long off
End of over 34 ( 5 runs) Oman: 183-4 Adnan 52*, Khaleem 0* Oman require 65 from 90 balls
33.6 Iqbal to Khaleem, dot ball
33.5 Iqbal to Khaleem, APPEAL for lbw, nothing given, dot
New batsmen in is Aamir Khaleem (LHB)
Sultan Ahmed ct wk b S. Iqbal - 52 off 53 (five 4s, one 6)
33.4 Iqbal to Sultan, OUT, caught behind, played on the front foot and an edge
33.3 Iqbal to Adnan, single, the 100-partnership comes up off 94 balls
33.3 Iqbal to Sultan, NO BALL and one run to fine leg
33.2 Iqbal to Sultan, stunning sweep to fine leg, 2 run, 50 for skipper Sultan
33.1 Iqbal to Sultan, defended, dot
New bowler is Saud Iqbal (SLA)
End of over 33 ( 8 runs) Oman: 178-3 Adnan 51*, Sultan 49*
32.6 Amin to Sultan, straight down the ground for a single
32.5 Amin to Adnan, single to deep cover
32.5 Amin to Adnan, WIDE outside off
32.4 Amin to Adnan, square cut past point, 50 for Adnan.
32.3 Amin to Sultan, through the covers, single
32.2 Amin to Sultan, dot again
32.1 Amin to Sultan, straight to point, dot
End of over 32 ( 8 runs) Oman: 170-3 Adnan 46*, Sultan 47*
31.6 Butt to Sultan, pulled again to deep square leg, 1 run
Both batsmen chasing that 50 mark
31.5 Butt to Sultan, dot
31.4 Butt to Sultan, FOUR, powerfully pulled away through mid wicket
31.3 Butt to Adnan, played late to third man, single
31.2 Butt to Sultan, slower ball, point, one run
31.1 Butt to Adnan, pushed to long on, single taken
Opening bowler Khalid Butt returns
End of over 31 ( 10 runs) Oman: 162-3 Adnan 44*, Sultan 41*
30.6 Amin to Sultan, guided the ball to fine leg, FOUR
30.5 Amin to Adnan, hit to point, bit of a mix up, safe, 1 run
30.4 Amin to Adnan, dot to cover
30.3 Amin to Adnan, FOUR, lifted through mid wicket
30.2 Amin to Adnan, dot
30.1 Amin to Sultan, single to point, ball hits the stumps but Adnan is safe
End of over 30 ( 11 runs) Oman: 152-3 Adnan 39*, Sultan 36*
29.6 Yamin to Sultan, driven well to long on, single
29.5 Yamin to Sultan, dot ball
29.4 Yamin to Adnan, single
29.3 Yamin to Adnan, a stunning cut past point, FOUR run and 150 runs come up on the board
29.2 Yamin to Sultan, quick single to square leg
29.1 Yamin to Sultan, guided down to third man, FOUR runs
End of over 29 ( 9 runs) Oman: 141-3 Adnan 34*, Sultan 30*
28.6 Khalid to Adnan, dot ball
28.5 Khalid to Adnan, FOUR, hit on the up beautifully through covers
28.4 Khalid to Adnan, off the leg through mid wicket, two quick runs
28.3 Khalid to Sultan, all the way to long off, single
28.2 Khalid to Adnan, stopped at square leg by Amin, single
28.1 Khalid to Sultan, off the bat at hip-level for a single to fine leg
End of over 28 ( 9 runs) Oman: 132-3 Adnan 27*, Sultan 28*
27.6 Yamin to Adnan, defended
27.5 Yamin to Adnan, good call from non striker, dot
27.4 Yamin to Sultan, pushed to long on, single
27.3 Yamin to Sultan, SIX, comes charging down the track and smashes it over the mid wicket boundary
27.2 Yamin to Adnan, pulled onto the leg side for a single
27.2 Yamin to Adnan, WIDE ball
27.1 Yamin to Adnan, dug out, dot
Yamin comes in to bowl
End of over 27 ( 5 runs) Oman: 123-3 Adnan 26*, Sultan 21*
26.6 Khalid to Sultan, driven straight to fielder, dot
26.5 Khalid to Sultan, dot ball
This is a strong partnership building. It is now 41 off 53 balls.
26.4 Khalid to Sultan, cut past point for FOUR runs
26.3 Khalid to Adnan, driven straight for a single
26.2 Khalid to Adnan, ball skiding, beaten outside off
26.1 Khalid to Adnan, dot ball
26.1 Khalid to Adnan, dot ball
Saad Khalid is being brought back into the fray
End of over 26 ( 5 runs) Oman: 118-3 Adnan 25*, Sultan 17*
25.6 Shahid to Adnan, single again to square leg
25.5 Shahid to Sultan, pushed to long on, 1 run
25.4 Shahid to Adnan, 1 run to square leg
25.3 Shahid to Sultan, swept to fine leg, 1 run
25.2 Shahid to Sultan, pushed to mid wicket, dot
25.1 Shahid to Adnan, hit past the bowler to long on, single
End of over 25 ( 5 runs) Oman: 113-3 Adnan 22*, Sultan 15*
Temporary loss of communications - Back ASAP
End of over 23 ( 4 runs) Oman: 104-3 Adnan 18*, Sultan 11*
22.6 Javed to Sultan, comes out hits to long off, single
22.5 Javed to Sultan, pushed back to bowler
22.4 Javed to Adnan, single again
22.3 Javed to Sultan, through covers for a single
22.2 Javed to Adnan, single to long on
22.1 Javed to Adnan, DROPPED, smashed straight back but too hard to hold
End of over 22 ( 2 runs) Oman: 100-3 Adnan 16*, Sultan 9*
21.6 Shahid to Adnan, one run
21.5 Shahid to Adnan, another dot
21.4 Shahid to Adnan, dot
21.3 Shahid to Sultan, comes out ot hit over the top, single
21.2 Shahid to Sultan, dot
21.1 Shahid to Sultan, dot
End of over 20 ( 2 runs) Oman: 95-3 Adnan 114143*, Sultan 6*
20.6 Javed to Adnan, dot
20.5 Javed to Sultan, driven for a single
20.4 Javed to Adnan, pushed to mid wicket for a single
20.3 Javed to Sultan, driven, single
20.2 Javed to Sultan, short pitched, dot ball
20.1 Javed to Sultan, dot ball
End of over 20 ( 2 runs) Oman: 95-3 Adnan 1143*, Sultan 6*
19.6 Shahid to Sultan, single, misfield
19.5 Shahid to Sultanstraight to Yamin at point
19.4 Shahid to Sultan, dot
19.3 Shahid to Sultan, pushed to long on, dot
19.2 Shahid to Sultan, dot ball
19.1 Shahid to Adnan, full toss driven along the ground, single
End of over 19 ( 11 runs) Oman: 93-3 Adnan 13*, Sultan 5*
18.6 Amin to Adnan, same area, another single
18.5 Amin to Sultan, pushed to long on for a single
18.4 Amin to Sultan, FOUR, beautifully swept
18.3 Amin to Adnan, looped delivery, played off legs, single
18.2 Amin to Adnan, dot ball
18.1 Amin to Adnan, FOUR, leans back and slashes ones through covers
End of over 18 ( 2 runs) Oman: 82-3 Adnan 7*, Sultan 0*
17.6 Shahid to Sultan, defended
New batsman in is Sultan Ahmed (RHB)
Vaibhav Wategaonkar ct S. Khalid b H. SHahid 20 off 34 (two 4s)
17.5 Shahid to Vaibhav, OUT, sliced to gully. caught by Saad Khalid
17.4 Shahid to Vaibhav, dot ball to mid wicket
17.3 Shahid to Adnan, pulled to deep mid wicket, 1 run
17.2 Shahid to Vaibhav, single stolen
17.1 Shahid to Vaibhav, stopped at point, dot
End of over 17 ( 2 runs) Oman: 80-2 Vaibhav 18*, Adnan 4*
16.6 Amin to Adnan, guided to third man, 2 runs
16.5 Amin to Adnan, defended, dot
16.4 Amin to ADnan, dot
16.3 AMin to Adnan, dot
16.1 and 16.2 both dots
New bowler is Muhammad Amin (OB)
End of over 16 ( 4 runs) Oman: 76-2 Vaibhav 19*, Adnan 4* DRINKS
15.6 Shahid to Adnan, long on, single again
15.5 Shahid to Vaibhav, single to long on
15.4 Shahid to Vaibhav, to point, dot
15.3 Shahid to Vaibhav, dot
15.2 Shahid to Adnan, pushed to long on, single
15.1 Shahid to Vaibhav, long on, single
End of over 15 ( 8 runs) Oman: 72-2 Vaibhav 17*, Adnan 2*
14.6 Khalid to Adnan, two runs down to fine leg
14.6 Khalid to Adnan, WIDE
14.5 Khalid to Vaibhav, single
14.4 Khalid to Vaibhav, pulled past Yamin at mid wicket, FOUR
14.3 Khalid to Vaibhav, struck strongly and well stopped by Javed at long on, dot
14.2 Khalid to Vaibhav, played on the up, dot
14.1 Khalid to Vaibhav, dot
End of over 14 ( 4 runs) Oman: 66-2 Vaibhav 13*, Adnan 0*
13.6 Shahid to Adnan, dot ball
13.5 Shahid to Vaibhav, single
New batsman in is Adnan Ilyas (RHB)
13.4 Shahid to Vaibhav, two runs through covers
Deep Trivedi ct K. Yamin b H. Shahid - 42 off 47 (six 4s)
13.3 Shahid to Deep, OUT, caught in the deep by Yamin. Deep swept and got a top edge
13.3 Shahid to Deep, OUT, caught in the deep by Yamin. Deep swept and got a top edge
13.2 Shahid to Vaibhav, punched to long on for a single
13.1 Shahid to Vaibhav, dot ball
New bowler is Haroon Shahid (SLA)
End of over 13 ( 3 runs) Oman: 62-1 Deep 42*, Vaibhav 8*
12.6 Khalid to Vaibhav, quick single
12.6 Khalid to Vaibhav, WIDE, way down leg side
12.5 Khalid to Vaibhav, pushed to cover, dot
12.4 Khalid to Deep, glanced to third man for a single
12.3 Khalid to Deep,left outside off stump, dot
12.2 Khalid to Deep, yorker, dug out well, dot
12.1 Khalid to Deep, to cover, single
End of over 12 ( 9 runs) Oman: 59-1 Deep 41*, Vaibhav 7*
11.4 and 11.5 Yamin to Vaibhav, dot WIDE
11.3 Yamin to Vaibhav, hit past backward point, down on a knee, FOUR runs
11.2 Yamin to Deep, a thickish edge behind keeper, 3 runs
11.1 Yamin to Vaibhav, pushed to leg side for a single
End of over 11 ( 6 runs) Oman: 50-1 Deep 38*, Vaibhav 2*
10.6 Khalid to Deep, left alone, dot
10.5 Khalid to Deep, let go outside off, dot
10.4, Khalid to Deep, 2 runs to fine leg, stopped on the ropes by Saifullah
10.3 Khalid to Deep, dot
10.2 Khalid to Deep, swings and misses just outside off stump, dot
10.1 Khalid to Deep, driven on the up through the covers for FOUR
Required rate is 5.10 an over Saad Khalid comes into the attack (RMF)
End of over 10 ( 3 runs) Oman: 44-1 Deep 32*, Vaibhav 2*
9.6 Yamin to Deep, misfield at short square, single
9.5 Yamin to Deep, defended, dot
9.4 Yamin to Deep, driven through covers, stopped by Javed, dot
9.3 Yamin to Vaibhav, pushed to square leg for a single
9.2 Yamin to Deep, single to mid wicket
9.1 Yamin to Deep, driven to mid on, dot
End of over 9 ( 3 runs) Oman: 41-1 Deep 30*, Vaibhav 1*
8.6 Butt to Vaibhav, hit to point and Dimuthu is hit in the ball
8.5 Butt to Vaibhav, ball rises, batsman jumps to defend, dot
8.4 Butt to Vaibhav, dot ball
8.3 Butt to Deep, punched to long on for a single
8.2 Butt to Vaibhav, struck powerfully to point, uneven bounce hits Dimuthu square in the face. He's up on his feet now and maybe saved four runs.
8.1 Butt to Deep, pushed to long on for a single
End of over 8 ( 6 runs) Oman: 38-1 Deep 28*, Vaibhav 0*
7.6 Yamin to Vaibhav, dot
Extra ball being bowled for the wide bowled earlier
7.6 Yamin to Vaibhav, APPEAL, LBW, dot
7.5 Yamin to Deep, single ot long on
7.4 Yamin to Deep, FOUR, off the back foot, square cut, beautifully timed
7.3 Yamin to Deep, dot
7.2 Yamin to Deep, WIDE down leg side
7.1 Yamin to Deep, forward defense, dot
New bowler is Khalid Yamin (OB)
End of over 7 ( 9 runs) Oman: 32-0 Deep 23*, Vaibhav 0*
6.6 Butt to Vaibhav, swings, mishits, dot
6.5 Butt to Vaibhav, defended, dot
6.4 Butt to Vaibhav, off the back foot to mid on, dot
6.3 Butt to Deep, a scramble for a single which went to mid wicket
6.2 Butt to Deep, driven with class through the covers, FOUR more
6.1 Butt to Deep, FOUR, struck along the ground past the bowler
End of over 6 ( 6 runs) Oman: 23-0 Deep 14*, Vaibhav 0*
New batsman in is Vaibhav Wategaonkar (LHB)
Hemin Desai b M. Javed - 8 off 15
5.6 Javed to Hemin, BOWLED, goes for a huge shot, misses completely and the bails are off.
5.5 Javed to Hemin, back to bowler, dot
5.4 Javed to Deep, struck hard to mid on, single
5.3 Javed to Deep, FOUR, hit straight and along the ground past the bowler slicing long off and long on
5.2 Javed to Deep, overtpiched, just about dug out, dot
5.1 Javed to Hemin, pushed to long on for a single
End of over 5 ( 4 runs) Oman: 17-0 Deep 9*, Hemin 7*
4.6 Butt to Hemin, dot to mid off
4.6 Butt to Hemin, WIDE
4.5 Butt to Hemin, defended, dot
4.4 Butt to Deep, defended, dot
4.3 Butt to Deep, quick single to mid on
4.2 Butt to Deep, bowled straight, APPEAL for LBW, ball rising over stumps, dot
4.1 Butt to Hemin, driven to cover, overthrow leads to one run
End of over 4 ( 4 runs) Oman: 13-0 Deep 8*, Hemin 5*
3.6 Javed to Deep, bat/pad, dot
3.5 Javed to Deep, sent back to bowler, dot
3.4 Javed to Deep, APPEAL for LBW, sweep and miss, dot
3.3 Javed to Deep, pitching short, cut through the cover expertly for FOUR
3.2 Javed to Deep, cut to point, dot ball
3.1 Javed to Deep, dot ball
End of over 3 ( 6 runs) Oman: 9-0 Deep 4*, Hemin 5*
2.6 Butt to Hemin, two runs near mid wicket
2.5 Butt to Deep, flicked off te legs past Hisham at short square leg, 1 run
2.4 Butt to Hemin, cut to point and misfielded, single
2.3 Butt to Hemin, driven past short square leg for 2 runs
2.2 Butt to Hemin, attempted pull, mistimed, ball hits batsman, dot
2.1 Butt to Hemin, to square leg, dot
End of over 2 ( 2 runs) Oman: 3-0 Deep 3*, Hemin 0*
1.6 Javed to Deep, to cover, dot
1.5 Javed to Deep, pitched short, 2 runs to deep mid wicket
1.4 Javed to Deep, dot
1.3 Javed to Deep, dot to point again
1.2 Javed to Deep, gives himself room to play, cut to point, Shahid stops, dot
1.1 Javed to Deep, played off the back foot, dot
New bowler is slow-left arm Muhammad Javed
End of over 1 ( 1 runs) Oman: 1-0 Deep 1*, Hemin 0*
0.6 Butt to Hemin, dot ball
0.5 Butt to Hemin, on off and middle, played to point, dot
0.4 Butt to Hemin, off the pads, dot ball
0.3 Butt to Hemin, length ball outside off, left alone
0.2 Butt to Deep, flicked to fine leg for a single
0.1 Butt to Deep, IN THE AIR, dropped safely in front of cover, dot
Oman's openers are Deep Trivedi (RHB) and Hemin Desai (RHB). Opening bowler for Kuwait is Khalid Butt (RMF)
Welcome back. It is now Oman's turn to bat and they are chasing 248. Match to start in 5 minutes
Join us for the second innings in 45 minutes as Kuwait look to move up to second place in Group A
Oman are all out for 247 off 49.5 overs
Khalid Yamin ct A. Ilyas b D. Trivedi - 20 off 17 (two 4s)
49.5 Deep to Yamin, OUT, hit high into the air, taken by Ilyas at long on. End of the innings
49.4 Deep to Yamin, swing and a miss
49.3 Deep to Yamin, FOUR, on one knee hit miles into the sky, one pitched boundary
49.2 Deep to Yamin, 2 quick runs to mid wicket
49.1 Deep to Shahid, played to leg side, 1 run
End of over 49 ( 10 runs) Kuwait: 240-9 Yamin 14*, Shahid 2*
48.6 Hemin to Yamin, cut to third man, overthrow landed up near long on, 2 runs
48.5 Hemin to Yamin, swings and connects a long pitched delivery, to mid wicket, 2 runs
48.4 Hemin to Yamin, FOUR, uses the pace well to guide the ball past point
48.3 Hemin to Yamin, dot ball, plays and misses
48.2 Hemin to Shahid, single to fine leg
48.1 Hemin to Yamin, 1 run to long off
End of over 48 ( 5 runs) Kuwait: 230-9 Yamin 5*, Shahid 1*
47.6 Deep to Yamin, cut to point, 1 run
47.5 Deep to Yamin, goes over the top to long off, safe, 2 runs
47.4 Deep to Yamin, dot
47.3 Deep to Shahid, another single
47.2 Deep to Yamin, single
New man in is Haroon Shahid (RHB)
Muhammad Javed ct wk b D. Trivedi 24 off 23 balls (two 4s)
47.1 Deep to Javed, OUT, swung and top edge fell safely to the keeper.
End of over 47 ( 4 runs) Kuwait: 225-8 Yamin 1*, Javed 24*
46.6 Hemin to Yamin, dot ball
46.5 Hemin to Yamin, dot again
46.4 Hemin to Yamin, dot
46.3 Hemin to Javed, single
46.2 Hemin to Yamin, flicked off the legs for one run
New man in is Khalid Yamin (RHB)
Muhammad Amin st wk b H. Desai - 43 off 80 (one 6)
46.2 Hemin to Amin, WIDE - STUMPED, Amin has a wild swing and can't ground his bat in time
46.1 Hemin to Javed, mishit to mid wicket for a single
Hemin Desai to bring his pace into the game
End of over 46 ( 5 runs) Kuwait: 221-7 Amin 43*, Javed 22*
45.6 Deep to Amin, back to bowler, acrobatically stopped by Deep
45.5 Deep to Javed, cut to cover, 1 run
45.4 Deep to Javed, dot
45.3 Deep to Amin, long on fields, 1 run
45.2 Deep to Javed, pushed to cover for a quick single
45.1 Deep to Amin, driven well to long on, single
45.1 Deep to Amin, WIDE
End of over 45 ( 12 runs) Kuwait: 216-7 Amin 41*, Javed 20* POWERPLAY TAKEN
44.6 Amir to Amin, driven to long off, single
44.5 Amir to Javed, through covers for a single
44.4 Amir to Amin, tapped to short cover, 1 run
44.3 Amir to Amin, SIX, moves his feet to the pitch of the ball, smacks it cleanly over mid wicket
44.2 Amir to Javedin the air for a bit, 1 run to long on
44.1 Amir to Javed, an over pitched ball, struck powerfully through cover, 2 runs
End of over 44 ( 2 runs) Kuwait: 204-7 Amin 33*, Javed 16*
End of over 43 ( 4 runs) Kuwait: 202-7 Amin 31*, Javed 16*
42.6 Amir to Javed, dot
42.5 Amir to Amin, stretched to sweep to fine leg, 1 run
42.4 Amir to Javed, cut through cover, single
42.3 Amir to Amin, single to long off
42.2 Amir to Amin, a lot of flight, back to bowler, dot
42.1 Amir to Javed, smashed to long off, 1 run
Amir is back now
End of over 42 ( 2 runs) Kuwait: 198-7 Amin 29*, Javed 14*
41.6 Rasheed to Javed, rolls the wrist to cut through covers, 1 run
41.5 Rasheed to Javed, dot to point
41.4 Rasheed to Amin, punched off the back foot through cover, single
41.3 Rasheed to Amin, pushed to cover, dot
41.2 Rasheed to Amin, same, dot
41.1 Rasheed to Amin, dot to bowler
End of over 41 ( 10 runs) Kuwait: 196-7 Amin 28*, Javed 13*
40.6 Hussain to Javed, two runs, overthrow
40.5 Hussain to Amin, single
40.4 Hussain to Amin, dot ball
40.3 Hussain to Amin, driven on the up for 2 runs to long off, excellent running
40.2 Hussain to Javed, tapped to mid wicket, 1 run
40.1 Hussain to Javed, FOUR, flighted delivery, punished through long off
End of over 40 ( 4 runs) Kuwait: 186-7 Amin 25*, Javed 6*
39.6 Rasheed to Amin, glanced through mid wicket for two quick runs
39.5 Rasheed to Javed, single through mid wicket
39.3 Rasheed to Amin, swatted to long on, 1 run
39.2 Rasheed to Amin,dot
39.1 Rasheed to AAmin, full toss straight to the bowler
End of over 39 ( 6 runs) Kuwait: 182-7 Amin 22*, Javed 5*
38.6 Hussain to Javed, cut past point, FOUR
38.5 Hussain to Javed, well defended, dot
38.4 Hussain to Amin, driven to long off, 1 run
38.3 Hussain to Javed, pushed for a single
38.2 Hussain to Javed, DROPPED, by Hussain, dot
New batsman in is Muhammad Javed (RHB)
Muhammad Akhudzada b T. Hussain - 28 off 35 (two 4s)
38.1 Hussain to Akhudzada, BOWLED, tried helping the ball to third man yet again but this time it doesn't work.
End of over 38 ( 3 runs) Kuwait: 176-6 Amin 21*, Muhammad Akhudzada 28*
37.6 Rasheed to Amin, ball pitches up, edged to short third man, dot
37.5 Rasheed to Akhudzada,flicked off the legs, single
37.4 Rasheed to Akhudzada, full toss, straigh to short cover, dot
37.3 Rasheed to Akhudzada, over pitched, blocked
37.2 Rasheed to Amin,driven to long on for a single
37.1 Rasheed to Akhudzada, quick run
End of over 37 ( 2 runs) Kuwait: 173-6 Amin 20*, Muhammad Akhudzada 26* DRINKS
36.6 Hussain to Akhudzada, quick run to short third man, 1 run
36.5 Hussain to Amin, overpitched, driven to long off, 1 run
36.4 Hussain to Amin, cut to gully, dot again
36.3 Hussain to Amin, well pitched, dot
36.2 Hussain to Amin, quicker one, dot
36.1 Hussain to Amin, straight to Hemin at cover, dot
End of over 36 ( 10 runs) Kuwait: 171-6 Amin 19*, Muhammad Akhudzada 25*
35.6 Khan to Akhudzada, FOUR, superb shot, gently flicked off the legs to fine leg
35.5 Khan to Amin, played on his toes, driven to long off, single
35.4 Khan to Akhudzada, cheekily helped to third man, 1 run
35.3 Khan to Akhudzada, defended, dot
35.2 Khan to Akhudzada, FOUR, hit very well, huge backlift and powered through the ball, straight drive
35.1 Khan to Akhudzada, cut to point, dot
Awal Khan comes back into the attack for Oman
End of over 35 ( 7 runs) Kuwait: 161-6 Amin 18*, Muhammad Akhudzada 16*
34.6 Hussain to Akhudzada, cut past gully, 3 runs
34.5 Hussain to Akhudzada, pulled but straight to fielder, dot
34.4 Hussain to Akhudzada, dot ball
34.3 Hussain to Amin, glanced down to fine leg, 3 runs
34.2 Hussain to Akhudzada, smacked to long off, single
34.1 Hussain to Akhudzada, dot
End of over 34 ( 9 runs) Kuwait: 154-6 Amin 15*, Muhammad Akhudzada 12*
33.6 Rasheed to Akhudzada, helped on its way to third man, excellent running by Amin, 3 runs
33.5 Rasheed to Akhudzada, dot
33.4 Rasheed to Akhudzada, cut to point for a quick single, misfielded at point, 2 runs
33.3 Rasheed to Amin, to the pitch of the ball, driven to long off, single
33.2 Rasheed to Akhudzada, quick single to short cover
33.1 Rasheed to Akhudzada, back to bowler, dot
End of over 33 ( 4 runs) Kuwait: 147-6 Amin 14*, Muhammad Akhudzada 6*
32.6 Hussain to Amin, dot ball
32.5 Hussain to Amin, good length ball, misses, dot
32.4 Hussain to Akhudzada, quick single taken
32.3 Hussain to Akhudzada, quicker one, plays and misses, dot
32.2 Hussain to Akhudzada, dot ball
32.1 Hussain to Amin, edged to third man, 3 runs
End of over 32 ( 3 runs) Kuwait: 143-6 Amin 11*, Muhammad Akhudzada 5*
31.6 Rasheed to Amin, cut on the back foot through covers, single
31.5 Rasheed to Amin, dot
31.4 Rasheed to Amin, huge swing and a miss, goes past the keeper for 2 byes
31.3 Rasheed to Amin, dot
31.2 Rasheed to Amin, same, dot
31.1 Rasheed to Amin, driven straight to cover, dot
End of over 31 ( 4 runs) Kuwait: 140-6 Amin 10*, Muhammad Akhudzada 5*
30.6 Hussain to Akhudzada, RUN OUT CHANCE, Amin comes out but is sent back, dives to get in, SAFE
30.5 Hussain to Akhudzada, plays away from body and misses, a good length
30.4 Hussain to Akhudzada, pushed to bowler, slipped and back into crease, dot
30.3 Hussain to Amin, played off the legs to fine leg, single
30.2 Hussain to Akhudzada, quick run to short cover, 1 run
30.1 Hussain to Akhudzada, one quick run, and another for the overthrow by keeper, 2 runs
End of over 30 ( 3 runs) Kuwait: 136-6 Amin 9*, Muhammad Akhudzada 2*
29.6 Rasheed to Akhudzada, tapped for a single
29.5 Rasheed to Akhudzada, edged to short third man, dot
29.4 Rasheed to Akhudzada, dot
29.3 Rasheed to Amin, pushed to long on, one run
29.2 Rasheed to Akhudzada, glanced to Vaibhav at mid wicket, one run
29.1 Rasheed to Akhudzada, on front foot, hits pads, dot
End of over 29 ( 0 runs) Kuwait: 133-6 Amin 8*, Muhammad Akhudzada 0*
28.6 Hussain to Amin, dot ball - MAIDEN OVER
28.5 Hussain to Amin, defended, dot
28.4 Hussain to Amin, driven well, but to the cover fielder, dot
28.3 Hussain to Amin, to cover, dot
28.2 Hussain to Amin, dot
28.1 Hussain to Amin, pushed to cover, but sent back by non striker, dot
End of over 28 ( 2 runs) Kuwait: 133-6 Amin 8*, Muhammad Akhudzada 0*
27.6 Rasheed to Akhudzada, blocked
27.5 Rasheed to Amin, pushed to long on for a single
27.4 Rasheed to Amin, left alone outside off, dot
27.3 Rasheed to Amin, back to the bowler, dot
27.2 Rasheed to Amin, drive to fielder at cover, dot
27.1 Rasheed to Amin, dot
27.1 Rasheed to Amin, WIDE
New batsman in is Muhammad Akhudzada (RHB)
End of over 27 ( 2 runs) Kuwait: 131-5 Amin 7*, Muhammad Akhudzada 0*
Saad Khalid LBW T. Hussain - 7 off 10 (one 4)
26.6 Hussain to Khalid, OUT, LBW, Khalid tried flicked it off his pads.
26.5 Hussain to Amin, driven nicely to long on, single
26.5 Hussain to Amin, driven nicely to long on, single
26.4 Hussain to Amin, same as last ball, dot
26.3 Hussain to Amin, stopped in the covers by Hemin, dot
26.2 Hussain to Amin, slashed to short third man, dot
26.1 Hussain to Khalid, driven through covers, 1 run
End of over 26 ( 4 runs) Kuwait: 129-5 Amin 6*, Khalid 6*
25.6 Deep to Khalid, glanced to fine leg, one run
25.5 Deep to Khalid, dot ball
25.4 Deep to Amin, driven, single
25.3 Deep to Amin, dot ball
25.2 Deep to Amin, swept, top edge, two runs
25.1 Deep to Amin, dot ball
End of over 25 ( 2 runs) Kuwait: 125-5 Amin 3*, Khalid 5*
24.6 Hussain to Khalid, dot
24.5 Hussain to Amin, played past cover, single
24.4 Hussain to Amin, dot
24.4 Hussain to Amin, WIDE
24.3 Hussain to Amin, dot ball
24.2 Hussain to Amin, driven to long off, dot
24.1 Hussain to Amin, back to bowler, dot
End of over 24 ( 6 runs) Kuwait: 123-5 Amin 2*, Khalid 5*
23.6 Deep to Khalid, defended, dot
23.5 Deep to Amin, driven to long off, one run
23.4 Deep to Khalid, quick single onto leg side
23.3 Deep to Khalid, dot
23.2 Deep to Khalid, played onto leg side, dot
23.1 Deep to Khalid, driven to long off, misfielded by Haider, FOUR
End of over 23 ( 0 runs) Kuwait: 117-5 Amin 1*, Khalid 0*
22.6 Hussain to Amin, dot - MAIDEN OVER
22.4 Hussain to Amin, dot again
22.1. 22.2 and 22.3 to Amin, all dots
New bowler is Syed Tariq Hussain (SLA)
New Batsman is Saad Khalid (RHB)
End of over 22 ( 1 runs) Kuwait: 117-5 Amin 1*, Khalid 0*
Saud Iqbal ct A. Ilyas b D. Trivedi - 13 off 25
21.6 Deep to Saud, OUT, caught Adnan at short cover, Saud gifting away his wicket and Kuwait lose their fifth wicket.
21.5 Deep to Amin, full toss, played off the legs, 1 run
New batsman in is Muhammad Amin (RHB)
Lasantha Dimthu ct wk b D. Trivedi - 29 off 42 (four 4s)
21.4 Deep to Dimuthu, OUT, caught behind, a slower one gets a thick edge, Dimuthu walks even before the umpire gives his decision
21.3 Deep to Dimuthu, quicker ball, plays and misses
21.2 Deep to Dimuthu, straight to point, dot
21.1 Deep to Dimuthu, driven to fielder, dot
End of over 21 ( 5 runs) Kuwait: 116-3 Saud 14*, Dimuthu 29*
20.6 AMir to Dimuthu, driven on the off, single
20.5 Amir to Dimuthu, glanced to slips, dot
20.4 Amir to Saud, to long off, 1 run
20.3 Amir to Dimuthu, single
20.2 Amir to Saud, to long off, 1 run
20.1 Amir to Dimuthu, driven to long on, single
End of over 20 ( 4 runs) Kuwait: 111-3 Saud 12*, Dimuthu 26*
19.6 Deep to Saud, dot
19.5 Deep to Dimuthu, single taken
19.4 Deep to Saud, cut past point for one run
19.3 Deep to Saud, defended, dot
19.2 Deep to Saud, pitches up, plays and misses, dot
19.1 Deep to Saud, driven well to long off, 2 runs
End of over 19 ( 2 runs) Kuwait: 107-3 Saud 9*, Dimuthu 25*
18.6 Amir to Saud, full toss, hit to long on, single
18.5 Amir to Saud, glanced to gully, dot
18.4 Amir to Saud, played late to point, dot
18.3 Amir to Saud, left alone, dot
18.2 Amir to Dimuthu, through the covers, one run
18.1 Amir to Dimuthu, driven to mid on, dot
End of over 18 ( 1 run) Kuwait: 105-3 Saud 8*, Dimuthu 24*
17.6 Deep to Saud, quicker one, slashes and misses
17.5 Deep to Saud, nicely flighted, left alone
17.4 Deep to Saud, driven back to bowler, dot
17.3 Deep to Saud, stopped at point, dot
17.2 Deep to Saud, dot
17.1 Deep to Dimuthu, hit on the ground, past bowler, single
End of over 17 ( 2 runs) Kuwait: 104-3 Saud 8*, Dimuthu 23*
16.6 Amir to Dimuthu,pushed to point, quick single
16.5 Amir to Dimuthu, dot
16.4 Amir to Dimuthu,dot ball
16.3 Amir to Dimuthu, plays and misses, dot
16.2 Amir to Saud, hit in the air to long on, single
16.1 Amir to Saud, dot ball
End of over 16 ( 3 runs) Kuwait: 102-3 Saud 7*, Dimuthu 22*
15.6 Deep to DImuthu, cut to point, dot ball
15.5 Deep to Dimuthu, APPEAL, hit on pads, dot
15.4 Deep to Saud, pushed to leg side, 1 run
15.3 Deep to Saud, flight deceiving batsman, edged to third man, 2 runs
15.2 Deep to Saud, dot again
15.1 Deep to Saud, dot ball
New bowler comes in. Deep Trivedi (OB)
End of over 15 ( 7 runs) Kuwait: 99-3 Saud 4*, Dimuthu 22* DRINKS
14.6 Amir to Dimuthu, another dot ball
14.5 Amir to Dimuthu, dot ball
14.4 Amir to Dimuthu, driven through cover, 2 runs
14.3 Amir to Dimuthu, defended, dot
14.2 Amir to Dimuthu, cut away on the back foot past backward point, FOUR
14.1 Amir to Saud, pushed to mid on, one run
New bowler Amir Ali (OB)
End of over 14 ( 8 runs) Kuwait: 92-3 Saud 3*, Dimuthu 16*
13.6 Khan to Saud, pushed to long on, three runs
13.5 Khan to Dimuthu, tapped to mid on, single
13.4 Khan to Dimuthu, APPEAL, stretches forward and hit on the pads, dot
13.3 Khan to Dimuthu, dot ball
13.2 Khan to Dimuthu, driven through covers, Hemin kicks it over the ropes, FOUR
13.1 Khan to Dimuthu, defended, dot
Saud Iqbal (LHB) is new man in
End of over 13 ( 6 runs) Kuwait: 84-3 Saud 0*, Dimuthu 11*
12.6 Hemin to Saifullah, OUT, swings wildly and Sultan Ahmed the wicketkeeper keeps his eyes on the ball, takes the catch at third man, super stuff!!
12.5 Hemin to Dimuthu, pushed to third man, single
12.4 Hemin to Saifullah, edged to wide fine lef, single
12.3 Hemin to Saifullah, driven tamely to Amir Ali at mid off, dot
12.2 Hemin to Saifullah, dot ball
12.1 Hemin to Saifullah, FOUR, thickish edge past keeper, slips and third man
Hemin comes back to change things up for the new batsmen
End of over 12 ( 10 runs) Kuwait: 78-2 Saifullah 0*, Dimuthu 10*
11.6 Khan to Dimuthu, driven to Vaibhav, dot
11.5 Khan to Saifullah, off the pads, 1 leg bye
New batsman in is Saifullah RIght-hand bat
Khalid Butt - 55 off 44 (seven 4s, two 6s)
11.4 Khan to Butt, OUT, swings wildly cross bat and is hit on the pads, easy decision
11.3 Khan to Butt, FOUR, hit miles into the air, straight over the bowler
11.2 Khan to Butt, sent back to the bowler, dot
11.2 Khan to Butt, WIDE, down leg side
Butt gets his 50 off 41 balls
11.1 Khan to Butt, edged past the keeper, FOUR
End of over 11 ( 1 runs) Kuwait: 68-1 Butt 47*, Dimuthu 10*
10.6 Rasheed to Dimuthu, dot ball
10.5 Rasheed to Dimuthu, stretches foward to defend, dot
10.4 Rasheed to Butt, pushed through mid wicket, single taken
10.3 Rasheed to Butt, strong defense, dot
10.2 Rasheed to Butt, straight back to bowler, dot
10.1 Rasheed to Butt, defended, dot
End of over 10 ( 7 runs) Kuwait: 67-1 Butt 46*, Dimuthu 10* POWERPLAY TAKEN
9.6 Khan to Dimuthu, smashes one through covers and holds his pose in admiration of his own shot, FOUR
9.5 Khan to Dimuthu, slashed away to backward point, fielded, dot
9.4 Khan to Dimuthu, front foot defense, dot ball
9.3 Khan to Butt, one bounce to Khaleem at long on, one run
9.2 Khan to Butt, overpiched and dug out, dot
9.1 Khan to Butt, played off the legs to square leg, a quick 2 runs
End of over 9 ( 5 runs) Kuwait: 60-1 Butt 43*, Dimuthu 6*
8.6 Rasheed to Dimuthu, sliced past third man, FOUR
8.5 Rasheed to Dimuthu, guided to short third man, dot ball
8.4 Rasheed to Dimuthu, HUGE APPEAL for caught behind, misses, dot
8.3 Rasheed to Butt, pushed to the leg side, one run
8.2 Rasheed to Butt, dot again
8.1 Rasheed to Butt, dot
New bowler is slow left armer Khalid Rasheed
End of over 8 ( 4 runs) Kuwait: 55-0 Butt 42*, Dimuthu 2*
7.6 Khan to Dimuthu, comes forward and misses the ball, bails removed but not out, dot
7.5 Khan to Dimuthu, tries playing straight but misses, ball hits back leg, dot
7.4 Khan to Dimuthu, guided past point, third man comes around, 2 runs
7.3 Khan to Dimuthu, dot ball
New batsman in is Lasantha Dimuthu (LHB)
7.2 Khan to Hisham, OUT, hit straight down the bowlers throat, comfortable catch, Kuwait lose their first wicket
7.1 Khan to Hisham, dot ball
7.1 Khan to Hisham, WIDE again
7.1 Khan to Hisham, WIDE
Awal Khan is the new bowler in - RMF
End of over 7 ( 14 runs) Kuwait: 51-0 Butt 28*, HIsham 21*
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Temporary loss of communications - Back ASAP
5.1 Haider to Hisham, swings and misses
End of over 5 ( 9 runs) Kuwait: 30-0 Butt 24*, HIsham 2*
4.6 Hemin to Butt, played past fine leg, Hemin punished for that dropped chance, FOUR
4.5 Hemin to Butt, DROPPED, a full toss takes the top edge, high into the air, Hemin under it, ample time, drops a sitter, dot ball
4.4 Hemin to Butt, an overpitched delivery slashed away past third man, FOUR runs
4.3 Hemin to Butt, swings wildly across the line, hit on the pads, APPEAL, dot
4.2 Hemin to Hisham, a quick single to mid on, Hisham taps and sprints, one run
4.1 Hemin to Hisham, left outside off, dot
End of over 4 ( 13 runs) Kuwait: 21-0 Butt 20*, HIsham 1*
3.6 Haider to Butt, dot ball
3.5 Haider to Butt, driven past point on the back foot, 2 runs
3.4 Haider to Butt, edged to gully, dot ball
3.3 Haider to Butt, smashed way, way, way over cover, SIX
3.2 Haider to Butt, superbly pulled away through mid wicket, FOUR
3.1 Haider to Hisham, driven powerfully to the cover, uneven bounce and the ball hits Khaleem in the face, a quick single
End of over 3 ( 4 runs) Kuwait: 8-0 Butt 8*, HIsham 0*
2.6 Hemin to Butt, goes over the top, two bounces, FOUR
2.5 Hemin to Butt, driven to Raheed at long on, dot
2.4 Hemin to Butt, attempted pull, misses completely, no run
2.3 Hemin to Butt, pushed back to the bowler, dot ball
2.2 Hemin to Butt, thought of playing it but pulled away at the last minute, dot
2.1 Hemin to Butt, defended well on the front foot, dot ball
End of over 2 ( no runs) Kuwait: 4-0 Butt 4*, HIsham 0*
1.6 Haider to Hisham, dot ball - MAIDEN OVER
1.5 Haider to Hisham, hit straight to point, no run
1.4 Haider to Hisham, looking for the wide outside off, nothing given, dot ball
1.3 Haider to Hisham, swung wildly outside off side, dot
1.2 Haider to Hisham, ball climbs, defends at waist leve, dot
1.1 Haider to Hisham, length ball blocked, dot
End of over 1 ( 4 runs) Kuwait: 4-0 Butt 4*, HIsham 0*
0.6 Hemin to Butt, huge swing and a miss, dot
0.5 Hemin to Butt, another one left alone, dot ball
0.4 Hemin to Butt, left alone outside off stump, dot
0.3 Hemin to Butt, an overpitched delivery and punished, through the covers, FOUR
0.2 Hemin to Butt, longish length, left alone, dot
0.1 Hemin to Butt, quick one that skids, defended, dot
Hemin Desai (RMF) to open the bowling for Oman
Kuwait's openers are Hisham Mirza (RHB) and Khalid Butt (RHB)
Kuwait Coach Sameer Desai is optimistic about batting first. He says, "It looks a good wicket to bat on and should our batsmen stay at the crease, we should be able to put up a good score. Let's hope for the best."
Match to start in 10
Oman: Sultan Ahmed (Captain), Hemin Desai, Adnan Ilyas, Khalid Rasheed, Haider Ali, Deep Trivedi, Vaibhav Wategaonkar, Syed Tariq Hussain, Awal Khan, Amir Ali, Aamir Khaleem - 12th man: Yousuf Mahmood
Kuwait: Hisham Mirza (Captain), Khalid Butt, Lasantha Dimuthu, Saud Iqbal, Muhammad Amin, Saad Khalid, Saif Ullah, Muhammad Javed, Muhammad Akhudzada, Khalid Yamin, Haroon Shahid - 12th man: Nikhil Kulkarni
Result of the toss. Kuwait has won the toss and have chosen to bat. Kuwait have won the tosses in all their games and have batted first. The game will start in 20 minutes. Team lists to follow soon.
The tournament takes a break tomorrow but resumes on the 6th with Oman taking on Hong Kong and the hosts playing an unbeaten Nepal. The weather, so far this tournament, has been perfect for cricket and today's no different.
Welcome to the live commentary of day 5 of the ACC Trophy. Today third and fourth placed Oman and Kuwait from Group A go head-to head at the Unity Ground. Both teams, after playing two games each, have one win under their belts and are vying for that top two finish to progress to the semi-finals.