ACC Trophy Elite 2010 - Commentary - Afghanistan v Malaysia

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Man of the Match is of no surprise. It's Hamid Hassan for his bowling figures of 10-1-44-5
Shahrulnizam Yusof - 6 off 12 (one 4); Hassan Ghulam 3* off 9
The supporters are all celebrating as though they've won the final...There are people all over the pitch as well as in the Afghanistan tent. It's all over here and it really came down to the wire. Credit to both teams for a sensational game of cricket.
49.5 Mangal to Yusof, OUT-!!!!! Caught behind...
49.4 Mangal to Yusof, DOT BALL 2 NEEDED OFF 2!!!
49.3 Mangal to Ghulam, quick single taken 2 off 3 needed
49.2 Mangal to Ghulam, dot to mid on 3 off 4
49.1 Mangal to Yusof, swept through the leg side for a single 3 needed off 5
FOUR RUNS NEEDED OFF THE LAST OVER WITH ONE WICKET REMAINING There's a congrgation as to who is going to bowl the last over It's the captain, Nowroz Mangal...
End of over 49 (2 runs) Malaysia 233- 9 Yusof 5*, Ghulam 2*
48.6 Hassan to Yusof, flicked onto the leg side for a single
The crowd are on the ropes in anticipation
48.5 Hassan to Yusof, tries driving, misses completely, dot
48.4 Hassan to Yusof, bouncer, dot
48.3 Hassan to Yusof, defended, dot
5 required off ten balls with one wicket remaining
48.1 Hassan to GHulam, a loud NO called, third man fields, dot
End of over 48 (6 runs) Malaysia 231- 9 Yusof 4*, Ghulam 1*
47.6 Mangal to Yusof, FOUR, straight over the bowler slicing long off and long on
47.5 Mangal to Yusof, defended, dot
47.4 Mangal to Yusof, collected by keeper, dot
47.4 Mangal to Yusof, WIDE 10 wanted off 15 balls
47.3 Mangal to Yusof, dot
47.2 Mangal to Ghulam, Asghar fields deep, single
47.1 Mangal to Ghulam, dot ball - 12 needed off 17 balls
Nik Ariffin - 3 off 6
CORRECTION the previous wicket was Nik Ariffin Apologies for the chaosl
46.6 Hassan to Yusof, hit on the pads, dot ball
People are now dancing around the boundary ropes. One more wicket to go, 12 runs to win off 19
New Batsman in Shahrulnizam Yusof (LHB)
Hassan Ghulam - 0 off 3
46.5 Hassan to Ghulam, OUT, this is surely a man of the match performance here for Hassan.
46.4 Hassan to Ghulam, hit on the pads, dot
46.3 Hassan to Ghulam, the ball hits the stumps but its not out, the crowd are still celebrating though, 1 bye
46.3 Hassan to Ghulam, NO BALL, straight to fielder, FREE HIT!
46.2 Hassan to Ghulam, defended, dot ball
It's all crumbling for for Malaysia
New Batsman in Hassan Ghulam (RHB)
Shukri Rahim - 1 off 6
46.1 Hassan to Rahim, OUT, Hassan has the golden touch right now, A fourth wicket for him. BOWLED!
End of over 46 (4 runs) Malaysia 223- 4 Rahim 1*, Arifin 3*
45.6 Zadran to Arifin, dot ball to long on
45.5 Zadran to Arifin, an inside edge goes all the way to the ropes but is stopped, 2 runs scored
45.4 Zadran to Rahim, played calmly off the legs for a single
Nowroz Mangal resets the field.
45.3 Zadran to Arifin, sliced down to third man for a single
45.2 Zadran to Arifin, moves outside off stump, played and missed, dot
Three wickets down for no runs.
New Batsman in Nik Arifin
Suresh Navaratnam - 33 off 28 (3 fours)
18 off 29 required
45.1 Zadran to Suresh - OUT! He's caught behind and now Malaysia are really on the back foot
End of over 45 Malaysia 219- 6 Suresh 33*, Rahim 0*
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44.2 Hassan to Sharif, OUT, two in two!! A yorker resulting in an LBW. How things have turned around now in this game. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SEATS, CRICKET FANS!
New batsman in is Shafiq Sharid (RHB)
Anwar Aruddin - 43 off 57 (three 4s)
44.1 Hassan to Anwar, OUT, Hassan's slower ball doing the trick this time. Playing away from the body Anwar had a thick edge easily taken by the keeper.
End of over 44 (5 runs) Malaysia 219- 4 Suresh 33*, Anwar 43* Now Malaysia need 18 off 36 balls.
43.6 Zadran to Anwar, quick running, one leg bye
43.5 Zadran to Suresh, hit hard down the ground to mid on, Asghar stumbles but only one run taken
43.4 Zadran to Anwar, quick single
The crowd has gone completely silent. Malaysia on the edge of their seats.
43.4 Zadran to Anwar, WIDE
43.3 Zadran to Suresh, hit into the air but dropped safely in front of the sight screen, one run
43.2 Zadran to Suresh, glanced to Shinwari at point, dot ball
43.1 Zadran to Suresh, dot ball to mid wicket
End of over 43 (7 runs) Malaysia 214- 4 Suresh 31*, Anwar 42* 22 required off 42 balls
42.6 Hassan to Suresh, pulled to deep backward square for 2 a single
42.3 Hassan to Suresh, hit through mid wicket, FOUR
42.2 Hassan to Suresh, dot
42.1 Hassan to Suresh, glanced to third man, dot ball
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41.3 Ahmadzai to Suresh, pulled away to deep square leg for FOUR
41.2 Ahmadzai to Suresh, dug out for two quick runs. Good throw from the deep.
41.1 Ahmadzai to Anwar, one run to cover
End of over 41 (7 runs) Malaysia 195- 4 Suresh 13*, Anwar 41*
40.6 Karim to Suresh, struck to long on, 2 runs
40.5 Karim to Suresh, dot ball
40.4 Karim to Suresh, an injured Suresh smacks to long on, 2 runs
40.3 Karim to Anwar, pushed to long on for a single
40.2 Karim to Anwar, an overthrow leads to 2 runs
40.1 Karim to Anwar, solidly defended, dot
49 runs required off 60 balls for Malaysia
End of over 40 (3 runs) Malaysia 188- 4 Suresh 9*, Anwar 38*
39.6 Ahmadzai to Suresh, no run
39.5 Ahmadzai to Suresh, forward defensive, dot
39.4 Ahmadzai to Suresh, defended
39.3 Ahmadzai to Suresh, dot ball
39.2 Ahmadzai to Suresh, hit straight back in Dawlat's face, DROPPED, 2 runs
39.1 Ahmadzai to Anwar, struck powerfully to Asghar at long off, single
Dawlat to bowl from the South End now. Afghanistan trying to mix it up.
End of over 39 (8 runs) Malaysia 185- 4 Suresh 7*, Anwar 37*
38.6 Karim to Suresh, struck to long on, 2 runs
38.5 Karim to Anwar, down to fine leg, single
38.4 Karim to Suresh, single
38.3 Karim to Suresh, quicker one played for FOUR behind keeper
38.2 Karim to Suresh - dot
Suresh Navaratnam (RHB) is the new man in
Suhan Kumar - 61 off 73 (four 4s, one 6)
The last over went for 11 runs and Suhan Kumar was LBW off Karim Sadiq's first ball of his third over
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36.3 Ahmadzai to Anwar, picking the gap on the off side, single
36.2 Ahmadzai to Suhan, played fine for a single
36.1 Ahmadzai to Suhan, mishit shot off a full length ball, dot
36.1 Ahmadzai to Suhan, WIDE
End of over 36 (4 runs) Malaysia 162- 3 Suhan 51*, Anwar 34*
35.6 Zadran to Suhan, driven to long on for a single
35.5 Zadran to Suhan, tapped back to the bowler, dot
35.4 Zadran to Anwar, cut to Nasrat at third man for one run
35.3 Zadran to Anwar, pushed to point, no run
35.2 Zadran to Anwar, hit straight back, dot
Suhan reaches his 50 off 62 balls hitting four 4s!
35.1 Zadran to Suhan, one run
35.1 Zadran to Suhan, short pitched, way off the line, WIDE
End of over 35 (4 runs) Malaysia 158- 3 Suhan 49*, Anwar 33* DRINKS
34.6 Ahmadzai to Anwar, dot ball to end the over
34.5 Ahmadzai to Anwar, slashed to wide third man, 2 runs
34.4 Ahmadzai to Anwar, 'no' is the call from Anwar, dot ball
34.3 Ahmadzai to Anwar, dot
34.3 Ahmadzai to Anwar, WIDE
34.2 Ahmadzai to Suhan, single to square leg
34.1 Ahmadzai to Suhan, to mid wicket, dot
Dawlat Ahmadzai to return
5.19 the asking rate...
End of over 34 (2 runs) Malaysia 154- 3 Suhan 48*, Anwar 31*
33.6 Zadran to Suhan, in the air to mid off, safe, one run
33.5 Zadran to Anwar, played back to the bowler and this time Malaysia get one run
33.4 Zadran to Anwar, played straight, defended well, dot
33.3 Zadran to Anwar, played back to the bowler, dot
33.2 Zadran to Anwar, stopped, dot ball
33.1 Zadran to Anwar, Nowroz fields at cover, dot ball Suhan got treatment for a cramp
End of over 33 (7 runs) Malaysia 152- 3 Suhan 47*, Anwar 32*
32.6 Hassan to Anwar, yet another quick single, direct hit by Shinwari at the non-strikers end but Anwar was safely home
32.5 Hassan to Anwar, dot ball
32.4 Hassan to Anwar, a yorker stuck in, well blocked, dot
32.3 Hassan to Anwar,slower ball punished, Anwar slammed it skywards, FOUR
50-partnership comes off 60 balls
32.2 Hassan to Suhan, another single
32.1 Hassan to Anwar, short delivery, played to third man, single
End of over 32 (2 runs) Malaysia 145- 3 Suhan 46*, Anwar 24*
31.6 Zadran to Suhan, hit straight to cover, dot
The Afghan crowd are really getting into it now...the drums are getting louder
31.5 Zadran to Suhan, short pitched delivery played off the chest, Suhan off in a flash, 2 runs
31.4 Zadran to Suhan, fished outside off stump, carried to keeper, dot
31.3 Zadran to Suhan, Suhan sent scampering back by Anwar, dot ball
31.2 Zadran to Suhan, blocked
31.1 Zadran to Suhan, glanced to point, dot ball
Shahpoor Zadran, the big 6 4' man, to continue the attack.
4.95 is the current required run-rate
Partnership between these two batsmen is 46 off 49 balls.
End of over 31 (4 runs) Malaysia 143- 3 Suhan 44*, Anwar 24*
30.6 Hamid to Suhan,to gully, single
30.5 Hamid to Suhan,dot ball, good call from Anwar stopping Suhan risking a single
30.4 Hamid to Anwar, struck over the head of Nowroz in cover, one run
30.3 Hamid to Anwar, bouncer, a warning to the bowler from the umpire, dot
30.2 Hamid to Suhan, one run
30.1 Hamid to Anwar, hooked away for a single to deep square leg
End of over 30 (7 runs) Malaysia 139- 3 Suhan 42*, Anwar 22*
29.6, Karim to Suhan, hit straight back for 2 runs
29.5 Karim to Suhan, dot ball
29.4 Karim to Suhan, pushed through covers, Suhan urging Anwar for the second, 2 runs
29.3 Karim to Anwar, quicker ball, misfielded by bowler, one run
29.2 Karim to Suhan, tapped to mid wicket, one run
29.1 Karim to Anwar, single through the covers
End of over 29 (8 runs) Malaysia 132- 3 Suhan 37*, Anwar 20*
28.6 Hamid to Anwar, quick single
28.5 Hamid to Anwar, no mistakes this time, struck with intent through the covers for FOUR
28.4 Hamid to Anwar, hit straight down the ground for 2 runs, stunningly straight
28.3 Hamid to Anwar, DROPPED by Mangal at cover
28.2 Hamid to Suhan, played off the legs for a single
28.1 Hamid to Suhan, blocked
5.14 is the asking rate
End of over 28 (7 runs) Malaysia 124- 3 Suhan 36*, Anwar 13*
27.6 Sadiq to Suhan, single to long off
27.5 Sadiq to Suhan, gets down on one knee and clobers the ball past long on for FOUR
27.4 Sadiq to Anwar, good, quick running by Suhan towards the danger end, one run
27.3 Sadiq to Suhan, comes down, plays straight to long on, single
27.2 Sadiq to Suhan, no run
27.1 Sadiq to Suhan, dot
New bowler. Karim Sadiq (OB) to bowl from the South End
End of over 27 (2 runs) Malaysia 117- 3 Suhan 30*, Anwar 12*
26.6 Hassan to Anwar, stopped, dot
26.5 Hassan to Anwar, too quick a ball, missed completely, dot
26.4 Hassan to Anwar, played to cover, dot ball
26.3 Hassan to Anwar, dot
26.2 Hassan to Anwar, glanced to fine leg, Zadran stopped, 2 runs
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25.5 Nasrat to Anwar, cut away with lots of power through the covers, FOUR
25.4 Nasrat to Anwar, back to the bowler, dot
25.3 Nasrat to Anwar, waited,
25.2 Nasrat to Anwar, beautiful forward defense, dot
25.1 Nasrat to Anwar, helped on to third man for 2
End of over 25 (6 runs) Malaysia 108- 3 Suhan 30*, Anwar 3*
24.6 Hassan to Suhan, no run
24.5 Hassan to Suhan, played away from the body, inside edge nearly landed on stumps, dot
24.4 Hassan to Suhan, two runs
24.3 Hassan to Suhan, bouncer, let go
24.2 Hassan to Suhan, flicked to square leg, dot
24.1 Hassan to Suhan, smacked cleanly through the covers, FOUR
End of over 24 (4 runs) Malaysia 102- 3 Suhan 24*, Anwar 3*
23.6 Nasrat to Anwar, back foot defense, dot
23.5 Nasrat to Suhan, to long on, one run
23.4 Nasrat to Anwar, inside edge, quick single
23.3 Nasrat to Anwar, cut to point, dot ball
Malaysia reach their 100 in 23,2 overs
23.2 Nasrat to Suhan, in the air but safe, single
23.1 Nasrat to Anwar, pushed to long off, single
New bowler Nasratullah Nasrat with his slow left arm.
End of over 23 (7 runs) Malaysia 98- 3 Suhan 22*, Anwar 1*
22.6 Hassan to Anwar, sliced to third man for a single
New batsman in is Anwar Aruddin (LHB)
Damith Warusavithana - 35 off 60 (four 4s)
22.5 Hassan to Damith, BOWLED, and the change in strategy has worked. Damith completely missed the ball and it crashed through the stumps.
22.4 Hassan to Damith, dot
first ball - FOUR second ball- single third ball - single
Change in bowler, the pace of Hamid Hassan (RMF) being brought in to shake things up.
Temporary loss of communications - Back ASAP
21.1 Shinwari to Damith, dot ball
End of over 21 (12 runs) Malaysia 90- 2 Suhan 21*, Damith 29*
20.6 Mangal to Suhan, ditto shot, ditto outcome, FOUR RUNS
20.6 Mangal to Suhan, NO BALL, down on one knee, lofted for FOUR
20.5 Mangal to Suhan, back to the bowler, dot
20.5 Mangal to Suhan, WIDE
20.4 Mangal to Damith, another quick single stolen
20.3 Mangal to Suhan, a hard run single
20.2 Mangal to Suhan, dot again
20.1 Mangal to Suhan, dot
159 runs off 180 ball required
End of over 20 (3 runs) Malaysia 78- 2 Suhan 12*, Damith 28*
19.6 Shinwari to Damith, plays and misses
19.5 Shinwari to Suhan, driven to Zadran at long on, single
19.4 Shinwari to Suhan, dot
19.3 Shinwari to Suhan, smacked straight to Karim at cover, dot
19.2 Shinwari to Suhan, Nowroz at point, dot
19.1 Shinwari to Suhan, thick top edge past third man, 2 runs
End of over 19 (4 runs) Malaysia 75- 2 Suhan 9*, Damith 28* DRINKS
18.6 Mangal to Suhan, one run
18.6 Mangal to Suhan, NO BALL - FREE HIT!
18.5 Mangal to Damith, sliced to third man, single
18.4 Mangal to Damith, dot
18.3 Mangal to Suhan, Nasrat at long on, single
18.2 Mangal to Suhan, pushed to cover, dot
18.1 Mangal to Suhan, dot
End of over 18 (7 runs) Malaysia 71- 2 Suhan 7*, Damith 27*
17.6 Shinwari to Damith, bowler dives to the left to stop the run, dot ball
17.5 Shinwari to Suhan, punched off the back foot for a single
17.3 Shinwari to Suhan, 2 quick runs
17.2 Shinwari to Damith, single to mid off
17.2 Shinwari to Damith, dot ball
17.1 Shinwari to Damith, 2 runs
17.1 Shinwati to Damith, WIDE
End of over 17 (6 runs) Malaysia 64- 2 Suhan 4*, Damith 24*
15.6 Mangal to Suhan, dot ball
15.5 Mangal to Suhan, swept, top edge, good running from Suhan, 2 runs
15.4 Mangal to Suhan, dot again
15.3 Mangal to Suhan, defended
16.2 Mangal to Damith, Suhan quick to take the single
16.1 Mangal to Damith, dot
End of over 16 (1 run) Malaysia 58- 2 Suhan 2*, Damith 23*
15.6 Shinwari to Suhan, dot ball
15.5 Shinwari to Suhan, fielded by Noori at point, dot
15.4 Shinwari to Damith, batsmen steal a run
15.3 Shinwari to Damith, third dot
15.2 Shinwari to Damith, dot again
15.1 Shinwari to Damith, dot
End of over 15 (2 runs) Malaysia 57- 2 Suhan 2*, Damith 22*
14.6 Mangal to Suhan, dot
14.5 Mangal to Suhan, dot
14.4 Mangal to Suhan, flicked to fine leg for two runs
14.3 Mangal to SUhan, dot ball back to bowler
New batsman in is the Malaysian captain Suhan Kumar (RHB)
Ahmad Faiz - 28 off 42 (four 4s)
14.2 Mangal to Faiz, OUT, swept and connected well, caught at square leg by Shinwari.
14.1 Mangal to Faiz, strong defense, dot
End of over 14 (1 run) Malaysia 55- 1 Faiz 28*, Damith 22*
13.6 Shinwari to Damith, dot again
13.5 Shinwari to Damith, left outside off stump, dot
13.4 Shinwari to Damith, to long on, dot
13.3 Shinwari to Damith, dot
13.2 Shinwari to Damith, dot
13.1 SHinwari to Faiz, single
End of over 13 (3 runs) Malaysia 54- 1 Faiz 27*, Damith 22*
12.6 Mangal to Faiz, single
12.5 Mangal to Damith, dot
12.4 Mangal to Faiz, leg bye
12.3 Mangal to Faiz, single
12.2 Mangal to Faiz, dot ball
11.4 Shinwari to Faiz, another quick run
11.3 Shinwari to Damith, cut to third man, quick single
11.2 Shinwari to Damith, rolls to mid on, dot ball
11.1 Shinwari to Damith, let go, dot ball
Another spinner comes in - Samiullah Shinwari (OB)
End of over 11 (4 runs) Malaysia 47- 1 Faiz 24*, Damith 19*
10.6 Mangal to Faiz, defended, dot ball
10.5 Mangal to Faiz, a very fine flick, FOUR
10.4 Mangal to Faiz, a second APPEAL for LBW, turned down again, dot ball
10.3 Mangal to Faiz, APPEAL for LBW, not given, dot ball
10.2 Mangal to Faiz, dot
10.1 Mangal to Faiz, dot
Change in the bowler - Captain to bowl - Nowroz Mangal to Faiz
End of over 10 (6 runs) Malaysia 43- 1 Faiz 20*, Damith 19*
9.6 Zadran to Damith, comes down the track and cracks one back at the bowler, straight down the ground, FOUR
9.5 Zadran to Damith, sent to point, dot ball
9.4 Zadran to Damith, played and missed, dot ball
9.3 Zadran to Damith, dot ball
9.2 Zadran to Damith, in the air through point and cover, Karim gives chase, 2 runs
9.1 Zadran to Damith, back foot defense, no run
End of over 9 (7 runs) Malaysia 37- 1 Faiz 20*, Damith 13*
8.6 Ahmadzai to Damith, to square leg, single
8.5 Ahmadzai to Damith, a slower ball not conning the batsman, smashed through the covers, FOUR
8.4 Ahmadzai to Damith, pushed to point, no run
8.3 Ahmadzai to Damith, off the pads, in the air through mid wicket, 2 runs
8.2 Ahmadzai to Damith, ball dead straight, defended, dot ball
8.1 Ahmadzai to Damith, dot ball
End of over 8 (6 runs) Malaysia 30- 1 Faiz 20*, Damith 6*
7.6 Zadran to Faiz, through slips and keeper, down to third man, 2 runs
7.5 Zadran to Faiz, played and missed, dot ball
7.4 Zadran to Faiz, bounced up, batsmen quick;ly got out of the way, dot ball
7.3 Zadran to Faiz, hit to covers, stopped by Karim, dot ball
7.2 Zadran to Faiz, beautfully driven through the covers, FOUR
7.1 Zadran to Faiz, defended, dot ball
End of over 7 (5 runs) Malaysia 24- 1 Faiz 14*, Damith 6*
6.6 Ahmadzai to Faiz, short pitched, mistimed pull, one run
6.5 Ahmadzai to Faiz, dot ball
6.4 Ahmadzai to Faiz, hit straight down the ground past the bowler, 2 runs
6.3 Ahmadzai to Faiz, played on the front foot, sliced to gully, dot ball
6.3 Ahmadzai to Damith, WIDE, batsmen cross over
6.2 Ahmadzai to Damith, a slower ball deceiving the batsman, dot balll
6.1 Ahmadzai to Damith, a bouncer, well left, dot ball
End of over 6 (2 runs) Malaysia 19- 1 Faiz 11*, Damith 6*
5.6 Zadran to Faiz, a solid defense, dot ball
5.5 Zadran to Faiz, a muted appeal from the keeper Shahzad as the ball just misses the edge, dot ball
5.4 Zadran to Faiz, ball climbs, defended well, dot ball
5.3 Zadran to Faiz, played and missed, dot ball
5.2 Zadran to Faiz, driven straight to cover, dot ball
5.1 Zadran to Faiz, slashed down to third man, 2 runs
End of over 5 (4 runs) Malaysia 17- 1 Faiz 9*, Damith 6*
4.6 Ahmadzai to Damith, bouncing up to hit the batsman on the gloves, dot
4.5 Ahmadzai to Damith, fielding in slips by Asghar, dot ball
4.4 Ahmadzai to Damith, dot ball
4.3 Ahmadzai to Damith, straight to mid on, dot ball
Over the past two overs, Malaysia scored 9 runs and are now on 17 for 1
Temporary loss of communications - Back ASAP
1.2 Zadran to Rakesh, cut in, plays and misses, dot ball
1.1 Zadran to Rakesh, outside off stump, left alone,dot
New bowler is Left-arm paceman Shahpoor Zadran
End of over 1 (3 runs) Malaysia 3- 0 Rakesh 1*, Damith 1*
0.6 Ahmadzai to Damith, dot
0.5 Ahmadzai to Rakesh, single to mid on
0.4 Ahmadzai to Rakesh, dot
0.3 Ahmadzai to Rakesh, dot
0.2 Ahmadzai to Rakesh, WIDE
0.1 AAhmadzai to Damith, single
Welcome back to the game between Afghanistan and Malaysia. Just a recap. Afghanistan scored 236 for 9 in their 50 overs nad now Malaysia are chasing. Openers Damith Warusavithana (RHB) and Rakesh Madhavan (LHB) are in. The opening bowler is Dawlat Ahmadzai.
We break now for lunch and return at 1300 local time, 1000 hours GMT
And that brings us to the end of the first innings. A good recovery by Afghanistan after Malaysia dominated the middle overs with their spinners. Afghanistan made some use of their powerplay towards the end. Raees Ahmadzai powering his way to 64 off 59 balls with five 4s and three 6s
End of over 50 (11 runs) Afghanistan 236-9: Zadran 2* off 4, Raees 64* off 59 (five 4s, three 6s)
49.6 Ghulam to Raees, one run pushed to Suhan at cover
49.5 Ghulam to Zadran, driven strongly to long on, one run
49.4 Ghulam to Raees, hit to long on, single taken
Raees requests the crowd to move back away from the ropes
49.3 Ghulam to Raees, SIX, smashed backward square leg, a crowd of a 100 cheers Raees on
49.2 Ghulam to Raees, DROPPED at deep square leg by Arifin, 2 runs
49.1 Ghulam to Raees, one bounce to deep extra cover, no run taken
End of over 49 (5 runs) Afghanistan 225-9 Zadran 1*, Raees 54*
48.6 Damith to Zadran, dot ball
48.6 Damith to Zadran, WIDE BALL
48.5 Damith to Raees, drives to long on, one run
48.5 Damith to Raees, WIDE BALL
48.4 Damith to Zadran, a quick single to rotate the strike
48.3 Damith to Zadran, Zadran a big man had to go low to dig that one out, dot ball
New batsman in is Shahpoor Zadran (LHB)
Hamid Hassan - 1 off 11
48.2 Damith to Hassan, a huge hit by Hssan, caught at long on by Anwar OUT
48.1 Damith to Hassan, dot
48.1 Damith to Hassan, WIDE
End of over 48 (21 runs) Afghanistan 220-8 Hassan 1*, Raees 53*
Raees AHmadzai - 53* off 53 (five 4s, two 6s)
47.6 Ghulam to Raees, FOUR RUNS and its Raees' half-century
47.5 Ghulam to Raees, hits past mid wicket, FOUR MORE
47.4 Ghulam to Raees, Raees takes advantage of the free hit and smashes it over long on for SIX
47.4 Ghulam to Raees, another-miss field, Suresh at mid wicket, NO BALL and two runs - FREE HIT!!
47.3 Ghulam to Raees, played to cover, dot ball
47.2 Ghulam to Raees, another huge swing, miss-hit, FOUR RUNS
47.1 Ghulam to Raees, mad swing but nothing but air, dot
End of over 47 (2 runs) Afghanistan 199-8 Hassan 1*, Raees 33*
46.6 Damith to Hassan, two leg byes, down to fine leg - MAIDEN OVER
46.5 Damith to Hassan, fielder rushes in to save single, dot
46.4 Damith to Hassan, another dot ball
46.3 Damith to Hassan, struck to point, no power, dot
46.2 Damith to Hassan, dug out, dot ball
46.1 Damith to Hassan, collected by keeper, fot dot*
New bowler in - Damith Warusaithana (RM)
End of over 46 (6 runs) Afghanistan 197-8 Hassan 1*, Raees 33*
45.6 Ghulam to Raees, to point, dot
45.5 Ghulam to Raees, fielded at cover by Suhan, dot ball
45.4 Ghulam to Hassan, ball hits batsmans pads, quick run, one leg bye
45.3 Ghulam to Hassan, ball bouncing up, glanced to point, dot ball
45.2 Ghulam to Raees, one leg bye
45.1 Ghulam to Raees, hit straight down the ground past the bowler and mid off for FOUR RUNS
End of over 45 (3 runs) Afghanistan 191-8 Hassan 1*, Raees 29*
44.6 Suresh to Raees, single past Rakesh at mid wicket for a single
44.5 Suresh to Raees, stopped at backward point, dot
44.4 Suresh to Hassan, pushed onto leg side for one run
44.3 Suresh to Raees, hit past the bowler for a single
44.2 Suresh to Raees, dot again
44.1 Suresh to Raees, dot
End of over 44 (3 runs) Afghanistan 188-8 Hassan 0*, Raees 27*
43.6 Yusof to Raees, cut past third man, single
43.5 Yusof to Raees, no run
43.4 Yusof to Raees, driven through covers to Anwar, 2 runs
43.3 Yusof to Raees, dot ball
New batsman in is Hamid Hassan (RHB)
Nasratullah Nasrat - 3 off 8
43.2 Yusof to Raees, RUN OUT, Nasrat is run out. Confusion in the call leading to Nasrat being at the wrong end before being sent back to the bowlers end.
43.1 Yusof to Raees, driven to cover, dot
End of over 43 (3 runs) Afghanistan 185-6 Nasrat 3*, Raees 24*
42.6 Suresh to Nasrat, no run
42.5 Suresh to Nasrat, hit to point, dot
42.4 Suresh to Nasrat, short pitched, collected by keeper, dot
42.3 Suresh to Nasrat, huge swing but no connection, dot
42.2 Suresh to Nasrat, pushed to third man Faiz, 2 runs
42.1 Suresh to Raees, glanced past point for a single
End of over 42 (14 runs) Afghanistan 182-6 Nasrat 1*, Raees 23*
41.6 Arifin to Raees, pushed to long on for a single
41.5 Arifin to Raees, SIX, Raees well balanced lifts it with ease over long on
41.4 Arifin to Raees, guided to third man, 2 runs
41.3 Arifin to Raees, pulled past long off, FOUR RUNS
41.2 Arifin to Nasrat, bye, single
41.1 Arifin to Nasrat, dot
End of over 41 (3 runs) Afghanistan 168-6 Nasrat 1*, Raees 10*
40.6 Suresh to Nasrat, quick single pushed to fine leg
40.1 Suresh to Ahmadzai, swing and miss, dot
Suresh Navaratnam back into the attack
End of over 40 (2 runs) Afghanistan 165-6 Ahmadzai 1*, Raees 9*
39.6 Yusof to Raees, no run
39.5 Yusof to Raees, dot ot point
39.4 Yusof to Ahmadzai, single to lonf off
39.3 dot
39.2 sof to Ahmadzai, one run to long on
39.1 Yusof to Ahmadzai, one run to long on
End of over 39 (1 run) Afghanistan 163-6 Ahmadzai 0*, Raees 8*
38.6 Ghulam to Ahmadzai, absolutely no gap between bat and pad, strong defense, dot
38.5 Ghulam to Ahmadzai, yet another dot
38.4 Ghulam to Ahmadzai, blocked, dot ball
38.3 Ghulam to Raees, quick single taken, pushed to cover
38.2 Ghulam to Raees, forward defensive, dot ball
38.1 Ghulam to Raees, dot ball
Ghulam comes back into the attack from the North end
End of over 38 (1 run) Afghanistan 162-6 Ahmadzai 0*, Raees 7*
37.6 Arifin to Ahmadzai, dot ball to end the over
37.5 Arifin to Ahmadzai, dot ball
New batsman in is Dawlat Ahmadzai (RHB)
Samiullah Shinwari - 6 off 20
37.4 Arifin to Shinwari, BOWLED, Shinwari coming forward, ball gets under the bat
37.3 Arifin to Shinwari, another dot
37.2 Arifin to Shinwari, dot ball
37.1 Arifin to Raees, played off the legs to mid wicket, single
End of over 37 - Afghanistan 161-5 Shinwari 6*, Raees 6*
36.6 Yusof to Shinwari, MAIDEN OVER
36.5 Yusof to Shinwari, another dot
36.4 Yusof to Shinwari, back to the bowler, dot
36.3 Yusof to Shinwari, dot ball
36.2 Yusof to Shinwari, Suhan fields at point, no run
36.1 Yusof to Shinwari, slashed to third man, dot
End of over 36 (3 runs) Afghanistan 161-5 Shinwari 6*, Raees 6*
35.6 Arifin to Shinwari, one run to long off
35.5 Arifin to Shinwari, attempted reverse sweep, dot
35.4 Arifin to Raees, single to the deep
35.3 Arifin to Raees, dot
35.2 Arifin to Raees, guided to point, dot
35.1 Arifin to Shinwari, driven to Faiz at long off, single
End of over 35 ( 1 run) Afghanistan 158-5 Shinwari 4*, Raees 5*
34.6 Yusof to Raees, no run
34.5 Yusof to Raees, dot ball straight to fielder
34.4 Yusof to Shinwari, single through the covers
34.3 Yusof to Shinwari, loud call from Raees asking Shinwari to wait, dot
34.2 Yusof to Shinwari, dot
34.1 Yusof to Shinwari, lenght ball, Shinwari sent back
Yusof comes to bowl from the other end now
End of over 34 ( 4 runs) Afghanistan 157-5 Shinwari 3*, Raees 5*
33.6 Arifin to Shinwari, single to long on
33.5 Arifin to Shinwari, bottom edge to third man, 2 runs
33.4 Arifin to Shinwari, defended again
33.3 Arifin to Shinwari, dot ball
33.2 Arifin to Raees, pushed though covers for a single
New batsman in is Samiullah Shinwari (RHB)
Asghar Stanekzai - 41 off 56 (two 4s)
33.1 Arifin to Raees, WICKET, pushed to Suhan at cover, picked up and a direct throw dismisses Asghar.
End of over 33 ( 4 runs) Afghanistan 153-4 Raees 4*, Asghar 41*
32.6 Rahim to Raees, full toss pushed to long on for a single
32.5 Rahim to Raees, strong defense, dot
32.4 Rahim to Raees, pushed to Suhan, dot
32.3 Rahim to Asghar, single
32.2.Rahim to Asghar, played to Damith at long on, 2 runs
32.1 Rahim to Asghar, dot ball to third man
End of over 32 ( 3 runs) Afghanistan 149-4 Raees 3*, Asghar 38*
31.6 Arifin to Raees, dot ball
31.5 Arifin to Raees, two runs to long on
31.4 Arifin to Raees, through to the keeper, dot
31.3 Arifin to Raees, Suhan fields at cover, dot
31.2 Arifin to Raees, pushed to point, dot
31.1 Arifin to Asghar, single
End of over 31 ( 8 runs) Afghanistan 146-4 Raees 1*, Asghar 37*
30.6 Rahim to Asghar, cut to backward point, single
30.5 Rahim to Raees, single to point
Afghanistan: 144 for 4
New batsman in is Raess Ahmadzai (RHB)
Mohammad Shahzad - 20 off 25 (one 4)
30.4 Rahim to Shahzad, OUT, caught behind by Sharif
30.3 Rahim to Shahzad, smashed past Navaratnam at cover for FOUR
30.2 Rahim to Asghar, same place, one run
30.1 Rahim to Shahzad, pushed to square leg for one
End of over 30 ( 2 runs) Afghanistan 138-3 Shahzad 15*, Asghar 35*
29.6 Arifin to Asghar, bowler fields, dot
29.5 Arifin to Shahzad, goes over the top, one run
29.4 Arifin to Asghar, punched off the back foot to Ghulam at long on, single
29.3 Arifin to Asghar, cut to point, dot
29.2 Arifin to Asghar, back foot defense, dot
29.1 Arifin to Asghar, dot
End of over 29 ( 2 runs) Afghanistan 136-3 Shahzad 14*, Asghar 34*
28.6 Rahim to Shahzad, over, dot ball
28.5 Rahim to Shahzad, another dot
28.4 Rahim to Shahzad, no run
28.3 Rahim to Asghar, flicked off the legs to square leg, single
28.2 Rahim to Asghar, dot ball to mid wicket
28.1 Rahim to Shahzad, quick single
End of over 28 ( 5 runs) Afghanistan 134-3 Shahzad 13*, Asghar 33*
27.6 Arifin to Asghar, blocked, dot
27.5 Arifin to Shahzad, single to long on
27.3 Arifin to Asghar, tapped to square leg for a single
27.2 Arifin to Shahzad, misfield at point by Anwar, single
27.1 Arifin to Shahzad, Suhan fields at mid on, dot
End of over 27 ( 1 runs) Afghanistan 129-3 Shahzad 9*, Asghar 32*
26.6 Rahim to Asghar, another dot
26.5 Rahim to Asghar, dot
26.4 Rahim to Asghar, missed the ball completely, dot
26.3 Rahim to Asghar, well stopped by Suhan, dot
26.2 Rahim to Shahzad, single to long on
26.1 Rahim to Shahzad, stretching to defend, dot
End of over 26 ( 5 runs) Afghanistan 128-3 Shahzad 8*, Asghar 32*
25.6 Arifin to Shahzad, single to long on - over
25.5 Arifin to Shahzad, Shahzad sent back, dot
25.4 Arifin to Shahzad, pushed to mid on, dot
25.3 Arifin to Shahzad, dot ball
25.2 Arifin to Shahzad, full toss, punished by batsman, hit through covers, FOUR RUNS
25.1 Arifin to Shahzad, square cut to point, dot
End of over 25 ( 5 runs) Afghanistan 123-3 Shahzad 3*, Asghar 32*
24.6 Rahim to Asghar, dot ball
24.5 Rahim to Shahzad, to Arifin at cover sweeper, one run
24.4 Rahim to Asghar, single to covers
24.3 Rahim to Asghar, thick edge to third man, misfield, 2 runs
24.2 Rahim to Shahzad, hit to long off, single
24.1 Rahim to Shahzad, dot
End of over 24 ( 2 runs) Afghanistan 118-3 Shahzad 1*, Asghar 29*
23.6, Arifin to Shahzad, driven to long off, single over
23.5 Arifin to Shahzad - dot ball
Nowroz Mangal - 15 off 25, 1 four
Afghanistan are now 117-3. New batsman in Mohammad Shahzad (RHB)
23.4 Arifin to Mangal, OUT, Mangal goes down on one knee and smashes to Rakesh at cover, A bit of juggling involved but taken eventually.
23.3 Arifin to Asghar, single to long off
23.2 Arifin to Asghar, missed, dot
23.1 Arifin to Asghar, pushed back, dot
New bowler - Nik Arifin (OB)
End of over 23 ( 0 runs) Afghanistan 116-2 Mangal 15*, Asghar 28*
22.6, Rahim to Mangal, defended, MAIDEN OVER
22.5 Rahim to Mangal, tight fielding from Malaysia, another dot
22.4 Rahim to Mangal, Mangal sent back, dot
22.3 Rahim to Mangal, dot ball back to bowler
22.2 Rahim to Mangal, to Suhan at mid on, dot
22.1 Rahim to Mangal, back at bowler, dot
End of over 22 ( 8 runs) Afghanistan 116-2 Mangal 15*, Asghar 28*
21.6 Yusof to Mangal, single to long on
21.5 Yusof to Asghar, beautfully driven, single
21,.4 Yusof to Asghar, dot
21.3 Yusof to Asghar, full toss punished, backward point, FOUR RUNS
21.2 Yusof to Asghar, solid defense, dot
21.1 Yusof to Asghar, driven to long on, 2 quick runs
End of over 21 ( 10 runs) Afghanistan 108-2 Mangal 14*, Asghar 21*
20.6 Rahim to Mangal, slashed and misfielded at third man, FOUR RUNS
20.5 Rahim to Mangal, swing and a miss, dot
20.4 Rahim to Asghar, pushed to Suhan, 2 runs
20.3 Rahim to Mangal,easy singly on the leg side
20.2 Rahim to Asghar, driven to Arifin to long off, one run - Afghanistan reach 100
20.1 RAhim to Mangal, single to long on
A slight delay in procedings while the ball is examined by the umpires but it isn't changed.
End of over 20 ( 5 runs) Afghanistan 98-2 Mangal 8*, Asghar 17*
19.6 Yusof to Mangal, pushed to Nik Arifin at backward square, single
19.5 Yusof to Asghar, played up through cover, Madhvan fields, single
19.4 Yusof to Asghar, straight back to the bowler, dot ball
19.3 Yusof to Asghar, quick single taken to short square leg, and an overthrow leads to another run
19.2 Yusof to Mangal, punched to Ahmad Faiz at long off, one run
19.1 Yusof to Mangal, top edge, dot
End of over 19 ( 5 runs) Afghanistan 93-2 Mangal 6*, Asghar 14* Current run rate is 4.90 DRINKS
18.6 Rahim to Asghar, two runs to fine leg
18.5 Rahim to Asghar, another dot ball
18.4 Rahim to Asghar, dot ball
18.3 Rahim to Mangal, hit straight back and hard, single to Afghanistan
18.2 Rahim to Mangal, bowler fields, dot
18.1 Rahim to Mangal, pushed to mid wicket boundary for 2
End of over 18 ( 4 runs) Afghanistan 88-2 Mangal 3*, asghar 12*
17.6 Yusof to Asghar, stretches forward to defend, dot
17.5 Yusof to Mangal, punched to Ghulam at mid wicket, single
17.4 Yusof to Asghar, flicked to square leg, one run
17.3 Yusof to Mangal, deep mid wicket, single
17.2 Yusof to Asghar, well fielded by Suhan at cover, single
17.1 Yusof to Asghar, stopped, dot
End of over 17 ( 2 runs) Afghanistan 84-2 Mangal 1*, Asghar 10*
16.6 Rahim to Asghar, single to fine leg
16.5 Rahim to Mangal, pushed to Damith at long on, one run
16.4 Rahim to Mangal, dot....
16.2 Rahim to Mangal, straight back, dot
16.2 Rahim to Mangal, dot again
16.1 Rahim to Mangal, dot
Captain Nowroz Mangal (RHB) in
End of over 16 ( 2 runs) Afghanistan 82-2
In the previous over, 2 came off the over, Noor's leading edge caught by Nik Arifin at mid on
14.2 Rahim to Asghar, forward defense, dot
14.1 Rahim to Asghar, swing and a miss, dot
new bowler - Shukri Rahim - off-break
6 off that over
12.3 Suresh to Asghar, dot ball
Karim Sadiq - 46 off 46, six 4s one 6
New batsman in - Asghar Stanekzai
12.2 Suresh to Karim, OUT, Karim gives himself room and drives it, straight into the hands of Suhan Kumar at mid off
12.1 Suresh to Noor, bounces up to face level, single
End of over 12 ( 9 runs) Afghanistan 69-0 Karim 46* , Noor Ali 20*
11.6 Ghulam to Karim, comes down the track, goes over the top, FOUR RUNS
11.5 Ghulam to Karim, Karim sent back by Noor, dot
11.4 Ghulam to Karim, a mistimed shot sent back to the bowler, dot
11.3 Ghulam to Karim,pulled to the deep, misfield by Shahrulnizam, FOUR RUNS
11.2 Ghulam to Karim, dot ball again
11.1 Ghulam to Karim, defended well, dot
End of over 11 ( 7 runs) Afghanistan 60-0 Karim 38* , Noor Ali 20*
9.4 Ghulam to Karim, forward defensive, dot ball
9.3 Ghulam to Karim, forward defensive, dot ball
9.2 Ghulam to Karim, super shot, hit on the up through the covers, FOUR RUNS
9.1 Ghulam to Karim, goes for a big shot, misses, hits the pad, dot
End of over 9 ( 5 runs) Afghanistan 42-0 Karim 21*, Noor Ali 19*
8.6 Suresh to Noor, blocked, dot ball to end the over
8.5 Suresh to Karim, hit on the pads, quick run, 1 leg bye
8.4 Suresh to Karim, played to on side, Rakesh Madhavan fields, dot
8.3 Suresh to Karim, half volley off stump, smashed through covers, FOUR RUNS
8.2 Suresh to Karim, inside edge, collected by the keeper, dot
8.1 Suresh to Karim, played down to fine leg, dot
End of over 8 ( 6 runs) Afghanistan 37-0 Karim 17* , Noor Ali 19*
7.6 Ghulam to Noor, left alone
7.5 Ghulam to Noor, dot
7.4 Ghulam to Noor, strong forward defense, dot
7.3 Ghulam to Karim, single to mid on
7.2 Ghulam to Noor, slower ball not deceiving the batsman, smacked straight down, FOUR RUNS
7.1 Ghulam to Noor, glanced to off side, single
End of over 7 ( 7 runs) Afghanistan 31-0 Karim 12*, Noor Ali 18*
6.6 Suresh to Karim, picking up gaps on the leg side, 2 runs
6.5 Suresh to Noor, hit to point, quick single taken
6.4 Suresh to Karim, gets on to climb up to the face, third man fields, one run
6.3 Suresh to Karim, dead straight, defended, dot
6.2 Suresh to Karim, flicked off the bats, well fielded by Anwar, 2 runs
6.1 Suresh to Noor, tapped to square leg, single
End of over 6 ( 5 runs) Afghanistan 24-0 Karim 7*, Noor Ali 16*
5.6 Ghulam to Karim, left alone by Karim, dot
5.5 Ghulam to Karim, loud appeal for caught behind, dot
5.4 Ghulam to Noor, in the air for a bit, single to mid wicket
5.3 Ghulam to Noor, pushed to point, dot
5.2 Ghulam to Noor, straight bat, defended, dot
5.1 Ghulam to Noor, flicked off the legs beautifully for FOUR
End of over 5 (3 runs) Afghanistan 19-0 Karim &* , Noor Ali 11* Karim 7*
4.6 Suresh to Noor, driven to long off, single to end the over
4.5 Suresh to Noor, played and missed, very close to a nick, dot
4.4 Suresh to Noor, defended, dot ball
4.3 Suresh to Noor, quick delivery, left alone, dot
4.2 Suresh to Noor, flicked to leg for 2
4.1 Suresh to Noor, defended, dotr
End of over 4 (3 runs) Afghanistan 16-0 Karim 7* , Noor Ali 8*
3.6 Ghulam to Karim, dot ball to point
3.5 Ghulam to Karim, comes out to swing madly, misses, dot
3.4 Ghulam to Karim, climbs, plays and misses, dot
3.3 Ghulam to Karim, tucked off legs through square leg, 2 runs
3.2 Ghulam to Karim, short length, played to cover, no run
3.1 GHulam to Noor, single
End of over 3 (7 runs) Afghanistan 113 Karim 5*, Noor Ali 7*
2.6 dot
2.5 dot
2.4 suresh to noor, 2 runs
2.3 Suresh to Karim, driven on the up, top shot, 2 runs
2.2 Suresh to Karim, no run
2.1 Suresh to Karim, full length, played back to bowler, no run
End of over 2 ( 1 runs) Afghanistan 6-0 Karim 2* , Noor Ali 4*
1.6 Ghulam to Noor, played to mid wicket, no run
1.5 Ghulam to Noor, good length ball, no power in the stroke, dot ball
1.4 Ghulam to Noor, short pitched on leg stump, pulled, dot
1.3 Ghulam to Noor, on off stump, no run
1.2 Ghulam to Noor, balls climbs up, play down, dot
1.1 Ghulam to Karim, cut to third man, one run
End of over 1 ( 5 runs) Afghanistan 5-0 Karim 1*, Noor Ali 4*
0.6 Suresh to Noor, CHANCE, dropped at fine leg by Ghulam, FOUR RUNS
0.5 Suresh to Karim, to mid on, single
0.4 Suresh to Karim, to te keeper, dot
0.3 Suresh to Karim, dug out, dot
0.1 Suresh to Karim, dot ball, defended 0.2 Suresh to Karim, dot ball, dot again
Suresh Navaratnam (RMF) to open the bowling
Karim Sadiq (RHB) and Noor Ali (RHB) are the Afghan openers. They're walking out now
Afghanistans captain Nowroz Mangal has won the toss and has chosen to bat. Match to start in 25 minutes.
Afghanistan: Nowroz Mangal (Captain), Karim Sadiq, Raees Ahmadzai, Hamid Hassan, Asghar Stanekzai, Mohammad Shahzad, Noor Ali Noori, Dawlat Ahmadzai, Shahpoor Zadran, Samiullah Shinwari, Nasratullah Nasrat. 12th man Shabir Noori.
Dawlat Ahmadzai replaces Shabir Noori in the squad. Afghanistan coach Kabir Khan says that the grass on the wicket should support his pace today.
Malaysia: Suhan Kumar (Captain), Ahmad Faiz, Rakesh Madhavan, Damith Warusavithana, Suresh Navaratnam, Anwar Aruddin, Shukri Rahim, Nik Arifin, Shafiq Sharif, Hassan Ghulam, Shahrulnizam Yusof 12th man: Faris Almas
Welcome once again to the Hubara ground. Its a bright, sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. Afghanistan are set to play their third game while this is Malaysias first in the tournament.