ACC Trophy Elite 2010

Venue : Kuwait
Dates : 31st March - 9th April 2010

Hong Kong UAE
Nepal Afghanistan
Singapore Malaysia
Kuwait Bahrain
Oman Bhutan

Bahrain are a late withdrawal due to finding themselves unable to field a team.
Afghanistan – Winners
Matches start at 9.00 AM (0600 hrs GMT)
Matches on April 2nd and April 9th start at 8 15 AM (0515 hrs GMT)

Ball-by-ball text commentary for the matches highlighted in red
March 31 Kuwait v Singapore at KEC
Afghanistan v Bhutan at Hubara
Hong Kong v Nepal at Unity
April 1 Oman v Singapore at Hubara
Bhutan v UAE at Unity
April 2 Afghanistan v UAE at KEC
Hong Kong v Kuwait at Hubara
Nepal v Oman at Unity
April 3 Nepal v Singapore at Unity
Afghanistan v Malaysia at Hubara
April 4 Bhutan v Malaysia at KEC
Kuwait v Oman at Unity
Hong Kong v Singapore at Hubara
April 6 Hong Kong v Oman at KEC
Nepal v Kuwait at Hubara
Malaysia v UAE at Unity
April 7 SF1 Nepal v Malaysia at Hubara
SF2 Hong Kong v Afghanistan at Unity
7th/8th Place Playoff Bhutan v Kuwait at KEC
April 8 5th/6th Place Playoff UAE v Oman at Unity
April 9 FINAL Afghanistan v Nepal at Hubara
3rd/4th Place Playoff Hong Kong v Malaysia at Unity