ACC Trophy Challenge 2010 - THAILAND

Venues : Bangkok - Thai Cricket Ground and Asian Institute of Technology
Chiang Mai - Gymkhana and Prem International School
Dates : 4th – 11th December 2010

Thailand ACC Trophy Challenge Preview
Getting to the Elite level by reaching the Final next Saturday would do more for Thailand than any other country in the competition.
The home team, playing on a new home ground, are on the brink of a revolution in domestic support for cricket in Thailand. Yet, in feeling all the self-imposed pressure that comes from wanting to meet expectations and hampered by selectorial problems - good players injured or unavailable - they just may not be able to do themselves justice this time.
But, talent they have in bundles, home-advantage, home-support and just maybe, more desire than anyone else in the tournament to succeed. These could indeed take them all the way.

Zeeshan Khan (Captain) LHB/RMF
Saurabh Dhanuka
Shyam Sideek RHB/OB
Noppon Seenamontri RHB/SLA
Vichanath Singh RHB/SLA
Mahasid Fahim
Witsanukorn Thapthimthai RHB/WK
Daniel Leach
Mark Scully
Imran Gilani
Ryan Raina
Weerachai Maneerat RHB/RMF
Robert Raina
Ziaul Hoque
Manager - Khurram Gilani
Coach - Pemalal Fernando
Physio - Barbara McHerron