"Every player must feel they have the stamina, the power, and the responsibility to guide the destiny of the team."

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ACC Elite League 2014: MALDIVES

Venue : Singapore
Dates : 7th - 13th June 2014

MLD Ahmed Faiz (Captain) RHB/OB
MLD Abdulla Shahid RHB/RFM
Mohamed Mahafooz RHB/SLA
MLD Hassan Haziq RHB/WK
MLD Mohamed Saafee RHB/OB
MLD Neesham Nasir RHB/RFM
MLD Mohamed Azzam RHB
MLD Mihusan Hamid RHB/OB
MLD Mohamed Rishwan RHB/WK
Ahmed Jamal
Ahmed Hassan
MLD Shafraz Jaleel RHB/WK
MLD Ameel Mauroof LHB/LMF
Hassan Ibrahim RHB/RMF
Manager – Faruhath Jaleel
Coach – Brendon Kuruppu
Physio – Sanjeewa Nalaka

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