Group C: Qatar v Singapore at Engineering College


Extras and the lack of adequate support bowlers cost Singapore their opening match against Qatar as they lost by a thumping 113 runs.

The experienced trio of Dalakoti, Manoj and Ganapathy bowled thirty overs for just 108 runs, taking six wickets (Ganapathy 5-38) and had Qatar in dire straits at 99 for 7. But with Ganapathy having completed his overs, Qatar’s eighth wicket pair Hassan Ali (67) and Zaheeruddin Ibrahim were able to put on 140 untroubled runs. Qatar closed at 251, extras with 44 being the third highest score.

A demoralised Singapore were unable to put up much of a fight when it was their turn to bat and though chances are that they will still qualify for the quarter-finals their weaknesses have been exposed for other teams to capitalise on.

Filed November 9 2005