Group D: Maldives v Saudi Arabia at Engineering College Ground

Saudi Arabia cruised to a 143-run victory against the Maldives.

Batting first, Saudi Arabia did well to recover from the shock of losing Saad Khan in the first over to the fiery Ahmed Jamaal. The Saudi batsmen, Shuiab Ali (52 of 48 balls) and supersub Salman Jabbar (78 off 62 balls) in particular were punishing against a persevering Maldives attack.

The runs came thick and fast but had some chances gone to hand, then Saudi Arabia wouldn’t have posted what proved to be a pretty formidable 272. Mohammad Mahafooz looked to be the pick of the bowlers and was ably backed up by Mihusan Hamid. Between them, they bowled their 20 overs for just 70 runs, picking up four wickets.

273 was always going to be a big ask particularly against a Saudi team who finally were starting to gel as a unit. The Maldives were repeatedly pinned on the back foot by Saudi’s bowlers and were eventually all dismissed in the 34th over for 129.

Filed November 11 2005