QF4: Malaysia v UAE at BSAM

Malaysia's popular cricketers being engulfed by a jubilant crowd at Birendra Sainik school.

Malaysia won a thoroughly entertaining match by 12 runs in front of a large crowd at the superb BSAM ground on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

Malaysia had to fight all the way for their victory. Put into bat in conditions that favoured the bowlers, they lost the wicket of their captain Suhan Kumar to the first ball. A fifty partnership between Rosmanizam and Eszrafiq Azis revived the innings and a late flurry by Manrick Singh took Malaysia to a competitive total of 176.

UAE had 48 overs to make the runs as some overs were lost in the morning due to ground-fog and they would have backed their batsmen to make the runs. Captain Abdul Rahman (54) in two substantial partnerships with Rameez Shehzad and Shoeb Sarwar took UAE to within striking distance of the target. They kept going for big shots however and as often as they found the boundary they found the fielders. Malaysia dropped five catches but some had to stick eventually. Once Shoeb Sarwar was pouched at midwicket, the game had turned in favour of Malaysia. Abdul Rahman was caught behind leaving the last-wicket pair to make 29 to win. They made 16 of them until Manrick Singh returned and had Syed Fawad flashing a top-edge to the wicket-keeper.

Malaysia now face Qatar in the semi-final.

Filed November 18 2005