QF3: Bahrain v Qatar at Engineering College

Qatar batting at Pulchowk

Qatar convincingly won a low-scoring encounter against Bahrain, winning by seven wickets at the picturesque Pulchowk ground.

Bahrain never quite made enough runs, finishing on 123 all out in the 35th over. At one stage however, in the 25th over, they had been on 94 for the loss of just two wickets with the talented Karan Kumar and Gayan de Silva doing well.

With the break-throughs made Leg-spinner Tamoor Sajjad then took four quick wickets inside three overs to hustle out the Bahrain tail.

Qatar were never going to be in trouble but Bahrain tried manfully in the field and had every good ball not been wasted by a loose one soon after, Qatar would have found reaching the victory target that much harder.

Filed November 18 2005