Thailand v UAE at Johor Cricket Academy

The UAE were reminded of the ever-shrinking gap between the established cricketing countries and the more recent arrivals as they were made to work far harder than they would have liked in beating Thailand.

First, Thailand showed true grit and application in batting out their allotted 45 overs. The runs may have come slowly but they stuck to their task and frustrated the UAE who deployed seven bowlers against them. Nishadh Rego batted for an hour and a half in compiling a painstaking 23.

When it came to their turn to bat, UAE paid the price for a slightly too-cavalier attitude and at 28 for 5, an upset was potentially looming. Thai off-spinner Ajay Saraaf caused all sort of problems as the middle-order UAE batsmen struggled with his flight and fizz off the wicket. Fortunately for the UAE, the target was a small one and while one end was kept tight, Waseem Bari was able to hit out and his 42 off 41 deliveries was enough to see them home in the 23rd over.

Thailand’s performance was also notable for the fact that they bowled just one wide throughout.


Filed August 7 2005