Bahrain v Hong Kong at Selangor Turf Club

Bahrain notched an excellent win against a strong Hong Kong side; chasing 100, they achieved their target in the 34th over.

Batting first, Hong Kong were never allowed to settle into a groove by Bahrain’s bowlers who were notable for bowling fast and straight. The outside-edge was beaten a number of times throughout the first overs, and at 40 for 4 in the fifteenth over, with captain Irfan Ahmed and Daniel Fullgrabe both out, Hong Kong knew they had a fight on their hands.

Bahrain’s bowlers never allowed the initiative to slip and their captain Rohan Kutty marshalled his side well in the field. The combination of Salman Sattar and spinner Danish Jasnaik worked particularly well as the middle-order runs dried up and wickets continued to fall at regular intervals. Jasnaik finished with 5-22, figures indebted to some excellent support from his fielders.

Hong Kong are a fair bowling side themselves, and came at Bahrain all guns blazing. An early wicket fell and then another, and with the run-out of Gautam Kumar thanks to a sharp bit of work from Khuram Shahzad, Bahrain were 64 for 4 in the 27th over. The game was in the balance.

Opener David Mathias had held firm up to then and he found a more than capable partner in Salman Sattar. Mathias played each ball on its merits and with Hong Kong hardly ever bowling anything loose, was made to work for all his runs. His 54* guided Bahrain to a well-deserved victory.


Filed August 7 2005