Bhutan v Singapore at Kinrara Oval


Jayanth Ganapathy of Singapore bowling to
Kenco Norbu of Bhutan

Singapore steam-rollered Bhutan by 173 runs in a contest that didn’t at all appear one-sided while Bhutan were bowling.

None of the Singapore batsmen, for all their exposure and experience, were able to totally dominate Bhutan’s bowlers and fielders who racked up two run-outs and a couple of stumpings against the Singaporeans. Only the number of extra-deliveries they had to bowl (21) could be held against the persevering Bhutanese. Had it not been for the wides, Singapore may have struggled to reach 180. Singapore ended up with 210 for 6 off 45 overs.

Sushil Sharma of Bhutan

Bhutan’s batsmen on the evidence of this tournament would do well to cross 100 but in Sushil Sharma, pretty much half the age and half the size of his opponents they have the best example of what a strong cricketing foundation can achieve. He was bravely behind every ball with a straight bat and in all his eight overs didn’t bowl a single wide.


Filed August 9 2005