What more does the Board have to do to help the game progress in Afghanistan?
In order for cricket to improve the government and the people should contribute greatly. People should work hard and have a loyalty to the game. The facilities are definitely lacking with grounds and cricket academies needing to be set up. We also need professional coaches and a professional management path. The ACC also will have to contribute and help us if we are to progress.

How far ahead is the ACB planning?
ACB has planned long-term. One of our highest priorities is future planning. An international ground is our primary target and construction should begin in two or three month’s time in Kabul. Since we are an ODI nation now, it is an eligibility which we must fulfill. The development section will also be given a high priority to better improve cricket. Courses for coaches, umpires and curators will also have to be held and one of the most important things will be fundraising. Fundraising and sponsorship will help us a lot and it is crucial for the ACB.

Will Afghanistan be playing in the Asian Games in China this November?
Yes, but we are yet to formally apply. A few months ago the Olympic Council in Afghanistan sent us invitation letters for the U-21 South Asian Games in Bangladesh. Unfortunately during that time we were busy with the U/19 World Cup. In the future we have a plan to participate in these kinds of tournaments.

Do you think some of the players who were settled in Peshawar will come back to Afghanistan?
Yes, definitely. The situation that was in Afghanistan is currently the situation in Pakistan now. The suicide attacks and things like this cannot be controlled. It is unsafe but Afghanistan is slowly getting better. A few of the Afghan provinces like Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif and Kandahar are the dangerous ones. Some of the cities in Pakistan are also unsafe now. But even now there are thousands of Afghan people still living in Pakistan.

If President Karzai were to lose power, will your job be affected?
It wouldn’t affect me. My job is just related to the players and the Chairman.

Afghanistan Cricket Profile

Filed Feb 23rd, 2010