Wang Meng, 21, was China’s captain during the 2009 ACC Twenty20 Women’s Championship where she impressed with her grace under pressure and steady bowling. Initially a volleyball player who was good enough to represent Liaoning Province as an undergraduate, she has been playing cricket for the past two years.

Wang Meng spoke to us at the Chinese Women’s training camp at Shenyang Sport University.

“There is pressure on us, but we can do it.”

I had reached my limit as a volleyball player, playing for the province is one step away from the national team but I wasn’t going to make it. Ge Tao, a Shenyang Sport University volleyball coach who had learnt cricket, showed us cricket, and I liked it. Ge Tao said I could play for China and so here I am.

Cricket is dynamic, flowing and very technical, just like volleyball. Defense is important, then attack.

Captaining is not so difficult so far because you know what can and cannot happen in training and as we play more countries I will get an idea of what players can do to win.

Our tour to India is something we are all looking forward to, it will teach us a lot. Cricket has given us a chance to travel and see new countries and that’s been one reason why some of us have not gone to work after graduation.

We have a good mix in our team, some good players, there is good balance in batting and bowling.

After we lost to Thailand in Malaysia (in the semi-final of the 2009 ACC Women’s Twenty20) we all decided that what made them win was because they were fighters. We need to fight as hard.

We have a lot of coaching, six days a week training at Shenyang. We are working like other Chinese athletes for the Asian Games.

With Hu Ting Ting and coaches Mamatha Maben and Rashid Khan

Our coach says we can get a medal in Guangzhou. There is pressure on us, but we can do it.

The women have a better chance than the men in Guangzhou, we are generally older and have been playing sport at a higher standard before cricket.

I have heard of Nike’s ‘Just Do It’. My motto is ‘I Can Do It’.

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Filed Oct 22nd, 2009