How much have umpiring standards improved since you came to Singapore? In Singapore, Asia and the rest of the world?

“The umpiring standards have increased tremendously in the past ten years. I attribute this to the various initiatives taken by the ICC, ACC and SCA respectively. I have attended a few courses conducted by the ACC and in turn have been conducting Basic Umpiring courses for new umpires in Singapore since 2005. There is regular feedback and interaction between senior umpires, ACC mentors, ICC Umpires Managers etc. which has helped the umpiring standards to improve tremendously all over the world.”

What have been the highlights of your career?

“Playing: Representing Singapore in the Saudara Cup (a long established annual three-day fixture between Singapore and Malaysia). I felt very proud and honored to be able to represent the country which is a dream for any sportsman.”

“Umpiring: Officiating in the U/19 World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, the ICC Twenty20 World Cup qualifiers in Belfast, in 2008, Women’s World Cup in Sydney this year. Some of these games were telecast live and it was extremely satisfying to have received some excellent feedback from the Captains, Match Referees and Umpires’ Mentors. I would like to thank SCA, ACC and ICC for the tremendous support and encouragement that they have given me over the years. I would like to personally thank the instructors at ACC who have contributed substantially to my development as an Umpire over the years.”

“I would like to thank my family, especially my wife, who throughout have supported me wholeheartedly in my pursuit of excellence in the sport.”

Sarika Prasad with Nepal’s Vinay Kumar Jha at the
ACC Twenty20 Cup, Kuwait 2007

What does the future hold for Singapore cricket?

“The future of Singapore cricket looks bright and positive. We have a much stronger and talented depth of player-pool available now compared to a few years back. We also have terrific leadership at the SCA led by our dynamic President Imran Hamid, Deputy President and SCA Development Committee Chairman Mahmood Gaznavi and their team, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to achieve glory for Singapore cricket.”

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Filed June 11, 2009