Diviya G K, 21, is Singapore's most prominent woman cricketer. She studies Clinical Science at Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, Australia. Ambitious to the nth degree, her enthusiasm for the game and life in general is prodigious. She is an object lesson on how to combine high-level studies with high-level sports. She reflects on her achievements so far and looks forward to further goals.

"Discipline is key, nothing comes easy. Work for what you desire."

My name really is just Diviya G K, with the initials! I was named after my father Ganaisen Krishnan but after my parents' divorce my mother changed my name by deed poll to just be Diviya G K. Most of my Aussie mates call me 'GK' and my Singapore friends call me 'Div'.

I grew up in Singapore. My uncle played cricket for Singapore and from watching him and his sons play cricket, the sport grew on me and I began to pick up cricket.

None of my achievements would have been possible if not for my mother who supported me throughout. Being a single mother, she has done exceptionally well, I couldn’t ask her for more. She gives me whatever I want, and in return this is the least I can do for her, to excel in all aspects and be a true all-rounder.

I first started playing cricket when I was about 8 years old, but only with my  5 cousins who are boys, which made it even more challenging to score runs and get wickets against them and show them that I was as good as them. I would watch cricket on television and learnt to bat and bowl myself. I was first coached when I was 18 years old. I captained Singapore in the inaugural game against the Malaysian women's team.

Diviya with her cousins Navin and Anish Param

My upbringing definitely influenced me. Growing up in a cricketing family has done me good.

I play for the men’s team for a club in Orange, New South Wales. Training twice a week and games every weekend. I play hockey for Singapore Cricket Club and hockey and soccer for my university team which is equivalent to club level as well.

The G is for Glamorous. Diviya with her university's 2008 Sportsperson of the Year award. Former Australia rugby international James Grant is behind her.

It doesn't matter who I play against, boys or girls. It is the love for the sport that keeps me playing. But generally it is more of a challenge playing with boys, and I do relish the challenge.

I open the batting. When men bowl to me not knowing my standard of cricket, they usually aren't too harsh on me, but upon watching me play a few shots, they change their style of bowling and bowl to me as they would against other men.

Scoring runs and getting wickets always make me smile.

My favourite cricketers are Kevin Pietersen, Steve Waugh and Muttiah Muralitharan. Kevin Pietersen is an awesome batsman! His confidence level is just amazing! His reverse-sweep sixes are incredible! Steve Waugh was a good all-rounder and did his team good as a fighting captain. Being an off-spinner myself, I enjoy watching Muttiah Muralitharan bowl. His unique style of bowling not just bewilders the batsmen but the spectators as well.

I love my sports! Whenever I have free time, besides studying all I do is play sports! Even during exams when I take my usual 20 minutes break from books, I would pick up my cricket bat and practice shots. I go the gym four times a week, and do 80-100 leg-raises every day. I love the gym!

Discipline is key, nothing comes easy. Work for what you desire.

My determination of wanting to be the best has always spurred me to keep going.

It is an honour to represent Singapore. My most memorable on-field experience was during the ACC tournament when I salvaged pride for Singapore in the last game against UAE and beat them. My best performance would be against UAE, where I scored 31 during the 2007 ACC Women's Tournament. My bowling was quite decent as well during the tournament.

Being presented 'Singapore's Player of the 2007 ACC Women's Tournament' by Coach Swee Heng Goh

I love the game, and when you love what you are doing, it makes it a lot easier to overcome obstacles.

I am working as a coach for the Asia Pacific Sports Management company in Singapore during my vacations in Singapore. I coach cricket, hockey, and soccer. I am certified Level I coach for cricket, and will be proceeding to Level II sometime mid-2009.

I would like to be a professional cricketer. To graduate with a doctorate.

I'm looking forward to this year's ACC Women's Twenty20, because I have been training hard and want to reach the goals I have set for myself for the tournament. I want to get two 50s, and take two wickets per match.

Filed January 10, 2009