Spotlight on Kuwait: Ready, Willing and Able

Kuwait are in the final stretch of their long quest for Associate Membership of the ICC. The journey for Kuwait started soon after the Second World War, when oil-field workers set up the foundations of the game there. It has been a steady climb upwards ever since then and now Kuwait stands on the verge of major cricketing recognition for their efforts to develop cricket. They have dedicated administrators, talented players, a developing infrastructure, grass wickets, committed local sponsors and, perhaps most importantly of all, the hunger and humility to take on board targetted advice from the ICC and ACC.

The other ICC Associates meet at Lord’s to adjudicate on Kuwait’s merits on the 26th of June.

They spoke for an hour on Kuwait, the state of global cricket and development issues. Below is a direct transcript of the broadcast. It’s a lengthy transcript but such was the quality of the conversation that we felt nothing could be cut from it.

The show goes out daily on early-evening primetime in Kuwait and is the spur to much viewer response in a follow-up show later on in the evening.

Welcome, viewers and sports fans, to Spotlight on Sports. I’m your host Fahad Al-Harbi. Tonight we have a very special edition of the show for you. I am actually quite humbled by the panel I am hosting tonight. On my right I have Mr. Faisal Al-Marzouq, Vice-President of the Kuwait Cricket Association and also a former captain of the national team. Mr. Faisal Al-Marzouq, welcome to the program. And also on his right we have Mr. Syed Ashraful Huq, Chief Executive of the ACC, and that is of course the Asian Cricket Council. Mr. Syed also, a very big welcome to the program, sir.

Ashraful Huq: “Thank you.”

And on the gentleman’s right we also have Mr. Matthew Kennedy, the Global Development Manager of the ICC, that is the International Cricket Council. Mr. Matthew, Welcome to the program.

Matthew Kennedy: “Thank you, nice to be here.”

Nice to have you as well, sir. Last but not least, we have Mr. Ricardo Lord, Executive Committee Member of the ICC. Mr. Ricardo, welcome to the program, sir.

Ricardo Lord: “Thank you, great pleasure being here.”

“The population over here are going crazy about the game.”

It is a pleasure to have you. Of course dear viewers, keep in mind that tonight’s program will be about the game of cricket in the state of Kuwait. With that, I’d like to start with Mr. Faisal. Tell us about cricket in Kuwait, people might not be aware that it is alive and kicking as it were in the state of Kuwait. Tell me, how well is it actually doing in Kuwait?

Faisal Al-Marzouq: “Cricket has been played in Kuwait in for the last fifty years. A lot of people are aware of the game here and the population over here are going crazy about the game and this is where we come in – to develop the game further and take it to a higher level.”

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