"A good team makes a good captain. You have to let players go in the right direction; after that it is up to the individual." M.S. Dhoni

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Shahid Afridi inspired a new generation of cricketers on his visit to the Kingdom in 2013
Hammad Saeed hammering UAE in the ACC Twenty20 in Nepal to the home-crowd’s delight
At the ACC U-19 Elite in Malaysia, May 2013
The winning WPCA team, SCC T20 National Championship 2010
Attendees at a Level 0 Umpiring Course in Saudi Arabia, August 2010
Saudi Arabia, 2010 ACC U-16 Elite Cup
Faheem Afrad took 6 for 10 v Thailand, 2010 ACC U-16 Elite Cup
SCA Associations at their 2009 AGM
Saudi Arabia's Shafiq Ahmed bowls to China's Li Jian, 2009 ACC Twenty20 Cup
Saudi Arabia's fastest, Rizwan Mansoor, 2009 ACC Twenty20 Cup
Saudi Arabia, 2009 ACC Twenty20 Cup
Saudi Arabia ACC U-19 Elite Cup 2009 squad