"The spirit of the game, exists not in the wording of the Laws, nor in the minds of the fans nor the actions of the players, but in the hearts of those who are devoted to it." Andy Bull

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At the 2013 ACC Women's Championship in Chiang Mai
Action from Qatar’s 2010 Junior Cricket Tournament
Dhukhan English School, winners of the 2010 Junior Cricket Tournament
Poise and power: Qatar's Tamoor Sajjad, 2009 ACC Twenty20 Cup
Qatar, 2009 ACC Twenty20 Cup
Qatar ACC U-19 Elite Cup 2009 squad
Faraz Ahmed: 41 and 3-13 v Oman, ACC U-19 Elite Cup 2009
Qatar's 9th wicket pair of Ali Ishtiaq (L) and Abbas Hussain (R) put on 63 runs v UAE to win their opening match, ACC U-19 Elite 2009
Qatar's U-19 Women, December 2008