Kuwait's big-hitting Mubashir Khalid, 2005 ACC U-19 Cup semi-final
KOC Ahmadiya
Sulaibiya 2005
Kuwait Olympic Committee President Sheikh Talal (second from right) with the visiting ICC and ACC delegation
The KCA's Asad Baig and CAT's Ravi Sehgal - new ICC Associates at Lord's, June 2005
KCA President Sheikh Dhari al Sabah (centre, left) with the visiting ICC and ACC delegation, May 2005
KCA Secretary Haider Farman with the 'Father of Kuwaiti cricket' Yousef Ali Baksh
Third in the 2004 ACC Trophy
Kuwait's Samir Desai and Kaleemul, Level II coaching course in Singapore, 2004
KCA Deputy Chief Executives Jeff de Lange and Asad Baig