Coaching in Mandalay, August 2013

While winter is the season for cricket in Myanmar, preparations for play are made in the off-season. In between heavy rains of the south-west monsoon. “We don’t want to be left behind while our neighbouring countries are doing well at cricket. We are striving to reach the golden days of Myanmar cricket,” says Michael Kyaw Min Moosajee of the Myanmar Cricket Federation.

Those golden days were in the 1970s when there were cricket grounds and cricketers across what was then Rangoon. However, cricket has faded considerably since then and there is but one ground now. One ground, no nets, few indoor facilities and precious little equipment. What there is though is a groundswell of enthusiasm for the game. The Myanmar Cricket Federation have held demonstration events and have hosted school tournaments for several years, with 20 institutions now involved . The President of The Myanmar Cricket Federation Than Win has told the Myanmar Times that “Wherever we go and play cricket people like it. They are never bored or walk away. Instead they are interested and ask more about the sport,” he said.

Cricket in Yangon

In preparation for an increased amount of cricket activity in the dry season the MCF have been conducting five introductory coaching, umpiring and scoring courses. Held between July and August, in Yangon, Pyay and Mandalay, the modules were combined for the 78 participants who comprised national players and male and female school physical education teachers.

National coach Ashfaq-ul-Islam Bappy says that the course participants will be involved in regional cricket development programs as coaches of schools and will also do umpiring and scoring in school cricket tournaments. The best candidates from these recent courses will be invited to take part in the ACC Level I Coaching and Umpiring Course at the end of September. “By the end of this year, hopefully we would be able to produce about 120-140 Level 0 coaches and umpires in Myanmar,” says Bappy.

Pictures by Aye Min Than

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Filed September 5th, 2013