Development Manager Bandula Warnapura has left his post after 61 months at the ACC. “It has been a wonderful 5 years and one month’s involvement with all of you as the Development Manager and proud to say that we have built a deep understanding and respect for with each other, over the past years,” he said in his farewell note to all ACC members. “Many thanks for all the assistance given and for the more than friendly hospitality extended to me during my visit to your countries.”

Mr. Warnapura’s period in charge of ACC Development saw a streamlining of coaching, curatorship and umpiring certifications, women’s cricket receiving more prominence, the encouragement of indigenous cricket, new members in Cambodia, Chinese Taipei, Tajikistan along with Associate membership and increasing prowess on the field for Afghanistan. With an anticipated new five-year ACC Strategic Development Plan from 2014, development funding will be distributed on an increasingly meritocratic basis, based on tournament performance and development activity.

The Big Interview: Bandula Warnapura
ACC Development Program

Filed September 2nd, 2013