A. R. Srinivasan, Afzal Sher Khan, Dr. Manjunath and Rahul Asher, to name a few, among the senior umpires of Oman

There’s a line between fun cricket and competitive cricket and its one which needs umpires to maintain. Oman, which has more and more teams (up from 61 to 71 this year) in domestic competitions, including the Seniors league and knock-out events, inter-school tournaments for boys and girls, for a total of more than 350 fixtures this season, needs umpires. Over 50 umpires are currently active in Oman cricket.

In September two courses were conducted in Oman by A. R. Srinivasan, a Senior Umpire and Head of Oman Cricket’s Umpiring and Tournament Committees as part of the country’s cricket development program. 24 took part in a Level 0 umpiring course, the Level 0 being directed towards umpires who will be standing in school matches, along with a separate Scoring course.

Following the Level 0, A.R. Srinivasan and his colleagues headed a Refresher course for the umpires already registered with Oman Cricket who will be standing in Divisions B to G of domestic cricket as well as school matches.

ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura who will be in Oman in October on an inspection visit said, “You cannot have quality cricket without quality umpires and Oman’s preparations for the coming season will pay dividends as long as they are able to maintain and motivate the umpires to be the best they can be. There is a pathway available for the best umpires to gain qualification and experience and ultimately stand in regional ACC and ICC matches if they are good enough.”

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Filed September 25th, 2012