Participants at the ACC Scorers Educator Course, Kathmandu September 3-5, 2012

Many of the ACC region’s most prominent scorers have been taken through a rigorous re-education program in Nepal, in the first Scorers Education Program the ACC has ever held. “The purpose of this is to set standards and guidelines for accurate and fast reporting of all the matches played in our member countries,” says ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura.

“Scoring, in effect recording a match for that moment and then history is a fundamental part of cricket and it is only fair that we lead the scorers to the best possible practise,” says Umpiring Resource Person Bomi Jamula who was on hand in Kathmandu along with fellow ACC Umpiring Resource Person Peter Manuel and Nepal's Buddhi Pradhan to direct proceedings.

The 26 scorers were taken through demonstration videos and match scenarios and were asked to score in box, linear and computerised modes. “No doubt it was tough. Like learning a new language, and for all of us, it was a challenge,” said Singapore’s doyenne Maznah Maulod. Palpable waves of concentration rose from the participants during the match videos that played as technical exercises. A further challenge for the participants, having learnt these new practices they are expected to go back to their countries and teach as many other scorers as possible.

“This is not the end of a course but the beginning of further education,” said Cricket Association of Nepal General Secretary Ashok Nath Pyakuryal on the conclusion of the three-day program.

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Filed September 7th, 2012