Having completed their inaugural Super League for seniors, the Bhutan Cricket Council Board have started their third cycle of school tournaments since the first in 2009. There are five separate competions: U-16 and U-19 for Girls and Class V and Class VI, Class VII and Class VIII, and U-19 for Boys. The thirty players rated highest at the end of the tournaments will be taken for specialized training.

Two new schools in Thimphu, Yangchengaytshel Lower Secondary and Pelki High School play in the tournament this time, joining the others in the capital, Paro, Sarpang and Punakha as the game spreads across Bhutan with more facilities and more players coming online every year.


“All the matches will be conducted during weekends and government holidays to avoid disturbances in academic work,” says National Coaching Co-ordinator: Damber Singh Gurung.

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Filed September 9th, 2010