The Asian Cricket Council is to implement a two-stage analysis system to identify and assist bowlers with suspect bowling actions.

Stage One
– Should a player come under suspicion during an ACC tournament, following a report from umpires and match referees, the ACC Development Officer for the country of the player will video-record the bowler’s action. The video recording of the bowler is to be done from three angles in a match situation or in the nets.

Following analysis using Silicon Coach, the Development Officer reports his views to the player’s team management and will assist in providing remedial measures where necessary. Once the player’s coach is satisfied with the corrected action, a video recording is to be done from three angles of the ‘new action’ and is to be re-sent to the Development Officer for further analysis. Remedial measures are to be continuously undertaken until the Development Officer is satisfied with the bowling action.

During the course of the analysis, and until a definitive evaluation is made, the player will be allowed to bowl and participate in competition.

Stage Two comes into effect when the same bowler has been reported again for having a suspect action. The Development Officer is to notify the team management and do the recording and analysis before submitting his views yet again to the player’s coach. This time, the remedial measures will be carried out under the supervision of the coach. The video of the ‘corrected action’ is then sent to the Development Officer for his views and the process is repeated until he is satisfied with the player’s bowling action.

If the Development Officer is not content with the action, the bowler is to be suspended from bowling in competition until such time as the bowler’s action is cleared by the Development Officer. If necessary, the Development Officer will consult a Human Movement Specialist of the ICC.

After the ACC Development Manager has received a final decision from the Development Officer and if in the opinion of the Development Officer the bowler has an illegal action, the bowler will be banned from bowling in all future ACC competitions with immediate effect.

“A lot of players come to cricket without any formal coaching. The idea of putting this analysis system into effect is to identify these bowlers at the earliest possible stage and correct them. Early on coaches used to only focus on the skills of batting, bowling and fielding but now there is a lot of progression in cricket through technology and biomechanics and given a player’s ability and desire to change there is every reason to believe that faults can be corrected”, says ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura. “The net result has to be quality cricket by quality cricketers.”

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Filed September 12, 2008