The Afghanistan Cricket Federation (ACF) has elected Allah Dad Noori as its new President. In a poll overseen by a commission of the National Olympic Committee, Mr. Noori received 18 of the 19 votes available. His rivals for the post were ACF General Secretary Taj Malik and Daulat Khan Jaji. Mr. Noori takes over from Shahzada Masoud who resigned as ACF President in the previous week. At the request of Mr. Noori, Mr. Masoud will now serve as Patron-in-Chief to the ACF.

Allah Dad Noori

Previously ACF President from 2002 to 2004, Mr. Noori vows to "reform the Federation and to popularise cricket in remote areas of Afghanistan”. His first priority is to ensure proper preparation for the national side’s ICC World Cricket League Division 4 tournament which takes place in Tanzania in October. Popularly known in Afghanistan as the ‘Father of Cricket’, Mr. Noori even defied the Taliban by organizing matches at every opportunity. “All we have here came from mud, came from nothing,” Mr. Noori has said, “men have swapped guns for cricket-bats.”

ACC Development Officer for Afghanistan Iqbal Sikander says, “Mr. Noori will do all he can to ensure his team performs at the highest level. I believe that the ACC will have an excellent working relationship with him.”

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Filed September 9, 2008