The Asian Cricket Council has entered into a new commercial agreement with Nimbus Sports for the 2009 and 2010 Afro-Asia Cups.

Under the new deal Nimbus will market all commercial rights to the events on a global basis. The parties have agreed to explore new opportunities for the growth of cricket at all levels in Asia and Africa. Both parties have resolved the differences which led to the ending of their previous agreement.

The first Afro-Asia Cup was held in South Africa in August 2005, the two continents shared the trophy as the third and deciding ODI was rained off. Asia won the three ODIs and the two Twenty20s in 2007.

Last year Nimbus pulled out of the three-year/three-event partnership, for which it had originally bought the rights for $12 million.  The Afro-Asia Cup is an ICC-sanctioned event comprising three One-day Internationals between the best players from Asia and Africa. The Afro-Asia Cup 2009 is scheduled to be held in Kenya and in India in 2010.

Africa 2005 Asia 2007

”The Afro-Asia Cup was formed primarily to raise vital development funds for cricket in both continents,” says ACC Chief Executive Syed Ashraful Huq, “Nimbus shares our passion for the Afro-Asia Cup. We have no doubt that together we can contribute significantly to the phenomenal growth enjoyed by our sport in Africa and Asia.”

Nimbus Chief Executive Officer Digvijay Singh said, “Our mutual passion for the sport of cricket and its global development has brought Nimbus and the ACC back together to build a stronger, brighter future for the Afro-Asia Cup. The event promises to be a spectacular occasion, with the best international players duelling for the right to be called the ‘Champions of Two Continents’.

Filed September 2, 2008