China’s captain Huang Zhuo celebrates an Asian Games victory over Japan

The fourth-place finish of China's women at the Incheon Asian Games has inspired Linhai City Council in Zhejiang Province to build a cricket ground. "It will be in a school, because schools are where sports start in China," says ACC Development Officer for China Aminul Islam.

Zhejiang Province is in red
The site for the ground in Taizhou Prefecture was first set aside during Aminul’s visit to the region at the end of 2012. Construction is expected to start in February 2015. On the east coast of China, Zhejiang has a humid subtropical climate and cricket can be played for up to eight months of the year. External Affairs Director of the Cricket Association of China Zhang Tian says that “after this Asian Games, through the CCTV publicity, many people around me are asking about cricket because of the huge influence of CCTV.”

The proposed site for the ground in Linhai, Taizhou Prefecture, Zhejiang Province

Linhai has a population of 550,00 and Zhejiang as a whole has six cities with a population of over a million. Zhang Tian is hopeful of an ACC youth event for the region at the end of 2015, where “we will take this opportunity to invite CCTV and local Zhejiang TV to publicize cricket and also get the local leader involved to promote cricket in other cities in Zhejiang province.”

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Filed October 15th, 2014