Mahboob Shah raising the standing of umpires in Myanmar

Myanmar has held its first ACC Level I Coaching Course. Conducted by ACC Development Officer Aminul Islam the course, he says, “has played a vital role to produce a few good Level I coaches.” An ACC Level I Umpiring Course ran at the same time too, conducted by Mahboob Shah. All the 18 participants had previously been through Level 0 courses in Myanmar over the summer.

Assisted by national coach Ashfaq-ul-Islam Bappy and national player Aye Min Than, Aminul and Mahboob Shah took the school PE teachers and current national cricketers at the course through the presentations and field assessment, commenting on their enthusiasm and hunger to improve. “They realise that cricket is a way to connect with the outside world,” says Aminul, who has been on assignments to Myanmar five times over the past six years. The country Myanmar is changing rapidly specially in the area of politics, development and the people’s mindset. Naturally, this also has made a strong impact in the area of sports. The Government of Myanmar is keen to develop overall sport including cricket. Foreign investors mostly from Korea, Japan and China are investing aggressively. MCF managed to have a sponsor from Hong Kong doing a bi-lateral agreement with a private club in Hong Kong,” adds Aminul, which led to the first foreign team in four decades visiting Myanmar this October.

Ever the practical man as well as the idealist, Aminul concluded, “the result from coaching course is satisfactory. The result from the umpiring course shows that they need more practical experience.”

During his week in Myanmar, Aminul also accompanied officials of the Myanmar Cricket Federation to Thanlyin Technological University. Located in the outskirts of Yangon, with 1500 students and 22 acres of land, the university students have been offered cricket coaching by the Federation.

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Filed October 29th, 2013