The Al Amerat turf, September 2012

Along with the new turf facility at Al Amerat, Oman Cricket have recently developed four other grounds in the Sultanate. These grounds are used for domestic league matches, and on the hard-packed sand, concrete strips have been embedded on top of which astroturf is laid. “I am always amazed at how cricket is played in the Middle East, in such harsh conditions,” says ACC Development Officer for Oman Iqbal Sikander.

The Municipality grounds have been developed within a year, and they have dug-outs for the players along with plumbing. The major achievement has been the turf facility at Al Amerat however, which will be ready for league matches imminently. Iqbal Sikander reports that “one of the grounds has been fully grassed with five turf pitches and the other is a clay ground with astroturf over concrete.”

The non-turfed Al Amerat

Along with the turf at Al Amerat, the national squad have their practices at the Oman Cricket Academy at the Barkah Farms on the Khimji estate.” The facilities at the academy are excellent with two proper nets with turf pitches and grassy outfield for the team to do fielding drills,” says Iqbal who, along with Duleep Mendis prepared the national squad for the ACC Trophy Elite.

The Barkah Farm Academy

With the four-year goal of their own turf facility finally achieved, Oman are now setting their sights on the next few years. “It’s one thing to build something, it must be maintained, it must be used. Floodlights, changing rooms, nets, more turf, more players, local and expatriate, all of these are issues which Oman Cricket are keen to address, with a particular emphasis on junior and school cricket.” says Iqbal.

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Filed October 22, 2012