ACC Archived News - October 2012

Preview: ACC Women's Twenty20 Asia Cup
Cricket's back in China. And at the highest level too. The four Asian Test-playing nations, Bangladesh India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka with the best of the Asian non-Test countries, China, Hong Kong, Nepal and Thailand. When they were here last, in the absence of India, Pakistan beat Bangladesh to the gold medal at the Asian Games. This time it could be even more competitive. Everyone's developed and the non-Test playing nations have improved significantly.
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Oman's Green And Gold
Along with the new turf facility at Al Emarat, Oman Cricket have recently developed four other grounds in the Sultanate. These grounds are used for domestic league matches, and on the hard-packed sand, concrete strips have been embedded on top of which astroturf is laid. “I am always amazed at how cricket is played in the Middle East, in such harsh conditions,” says ACC Development Officer for Oman Iqbal Sikander.
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Singapore Umpires: 'Continuous Development'
Courtesy Singapore Cricket Association

The Umpires Committee of the Singapore Cricket Association have had their mid-season review and education program. ICC Associates & Affiliates Panel umpire Sarika Prasad took the attendees through the event, sharing the knowledge and experience gained from this year’s ICC U19 World Cup and ACC U-19 Asia Cup.
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Cambodia Coming On
With Cambodia being one of the three new members of the ACC, prior to them applying for membership of the ICC next year, the Chief Executive of the Cricket Association of Thailand Mohideen Kader went there on behalf of the ACC to, as he says, "assess the present status of Cricket Association of Cambodia vis-à-vis ICC criteria for achieving Affiliate Membership and to advise in the areas that need attention."
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UAE And Nepal Tie
UAE and Nepal tied a pulsating ACC Trophy Elite Final. It was the second tied ACC Final in a row, coming after the U-19 Asia Cup in July. On home soil, in front of 1500 ‘away’ fans, UAE fought back to reclaim a share of the premier ACC 50-over tournament for the first time since 2006. It was Nepal’s first ACC Elite triumph, though maybe overall, they will feel they should have won it outright by some margin, having been in a strong position to win coming into the final overs.
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ACC Trophy Elite 2012: Preview
Afghanistan Up For Attack
The ACC Trophy played since 1996, when Bangladesh beat UAE in the Final, is the premier 50-overs tournament for the non-Test playing countries of Asia. It used to be the UAE that would carry all before them in the ACC Trophy, winners four times in a row since 2000. Hong Kong beat them in 2008 heralding a change, and since then it has been Afghanistan that has won the senior team 50 overs and 20-overs events, and ICC events, along with qualifying for two World Twenty20 Cups as well as achieving ODI status. Afghanistan though, are not guaranteed to win the ACC Trophy this time.
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