The Cricket Association of Thailand have created a new website to showcase activity in their kingdom,

The site is a significant step forward from the previous  web presence of the Association (CAT) and as such is already attracting considerable attention.  “One of the main objectives of making this website was to highlight the work being put in by the Cricket Association of Thailand for the development of the game,”says CAT Honorary Secretary Zeeshan Khan.

The current CAT homepage features news of the upcoming ACC U-17 Challenge tournament as well as a recently completed Basic Coaching Course in Khao Yai in northern Thailand, near the Cambodia border.  “It is just such things that are the heart and core of our development work in Thailand. Cricket is spreading outside of Bangkok into the local Thais because of this,” adds Mr. Khan.

A Thai language version of the CAT website is planned. “With this website everyone can see what’s happening in cricket in Thailand and what will happen. This will help everyone understand more,” says Mr. Khan.

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Filed 30 October, 2008