Malaysia showed considerable initiative by entering into a four-year partnership with the Western Australia Cricket Association earlier this year, where "both organizations (pledged to) cooperate and work towards their respective cricketing excellence," as stated in the agreement's Memorandum of Understanding.

Now, with the Australian playing season about to start, Malaysia (MCA) and Western Australia (WACA) are close to putting their strategic plan into practice. "Australia has long been close to Malaysia, with this agreement we bring our cricketers closer for mutual benefit," says Malaysia Cricket Association Deputy President P. Krishnasamy, "we're going to have much better cricketers as a result."

WACA CEO Graeme Wood (L) and MCA President Tunku Imran exchange documents at the MoU signing in the presence of Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia Penny Williams (centre)


Ten Fields of Co-operation outline what WACA will assist the MCA with over the course of their association.

  • The preparation of Strategic Plans for the overall development of cricket

  • The training of cricketers, competition between teams and participation in tournaments

  • The education and attachment of coaches, curators and administrators

  • The promotion and development of women’s cricket

  • Exchange programs and visits by sports psychologists and physiologists, strength-and-conditioning specialists and other technical personnel

  • Training, exchange and attachment programs for sports sciences personnel and the development of sports sciences relating to cricket

  • Training, exchange and attachment programs in the areas of player development, curriculum formulation, sports education and sports management in respect to cricket

  • The provision of opportunities for players, coaches, administrators and other personnel involved in cricket to study at applicable Western Australian Tertiary Institutions in selected courses on full fee-paying, part-scholarship and full scholarship bases provided that entry requirements are met by candidates

  • Development of cricket grounds, pitches, sport facilities development, maintenance and management

  • Training, exchange of technology, infrastructure and programs in the development of information and research in the field of cricket and other fields and subjects deemed fit and necessary for mutual benefits

The Malaysian Cricket Association is the first external national cricketing body that WACA has ever partnered and this is also the first time that an ACC non-Test playing country has formally entered into a long-term agreement with a foreign Association.

Speaking exclusively to the ACC from Perth, WACA CEO Graeme Wood says that WACA decided to work with Malaysian cricket because of its proximity (it is a four and a half-hour flight between Perth and Kuala Lumpur; Perth to Sydney takes five hours). "With Malaysia's location and climate, we will be able to send our teams during the off-season to train there in top-quality facilities. Malaysia has also set future targets like qualification for the 2010 Asian Games and WACA will do all we can to assist them. Our teams will also work with the age-groups and since Malaysia has such a vast expatriate population, the most important thing to do now is to grow the game", said Mr. Wood.

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