Tunku Imran

They showed the world they’ve got the facilities, now they want to show they have the players. The Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) are ploughing the estimated $150,000 windfall from the recently completed Tri-Series back into domestic cricket. Their mission: to streamline performance and create better international cricketers from within.

Centres of cricketing excellence will be set up in each of Malaysia’s thirteen states to ensure a steady flow of players into the various national teams.

MCA president Tunku Imran is urging the states to look beyond their boundaries towards the national agenda of producing a quality national team and league.

Malaysian Cricket Association Vice-President Mahinda Vallipuram said the players for the Centres of Excellence will be selected at the district level.

"Our junior development programmes will entail a coach in each state going to the districts for talent identification. With the cooperation of the district Education Department, we hope to penetrate schools, provide cricket coaching lessons to teachers, and organise district level tournaments," he said.

"Our objective here is to produce keen competition at the elite level, a national league that will be the pinnacle of domestic cricket,” added Tunku Imran.

Filed October 9 2006