The Nets at Pahan, late September 2006. They are due for completion by mid-October.

The Myanmar Cricket Federation has taken a major step forward with its adoption of a ground in Yangon dedicated to cricket. It is called the Pahan ground.

They have put up two practice wickets with box nets and are preparing a centre match wicket at the ground which, though a little way short of international dimensions is perfectly sized for youth cricket. The Federation have also co-opted Lamadaw School’s playing ground exclusively for cricket which also has multi-purpose indoor facilities.

Roger Binny, the ACC Development Officer for Myanmar observes, “The Myanmar children are keen to play the game and will improve over the years with some proper guidance. There is a lot of interest among the girls and women’s cricket could really take off here. ”

He feels Myanmar’s proximity to Bangladesh could certainly help in the provision of jute-matting wickets and sundry cricket items. Nazmul Abedeen, Myanmar’s first national coach, was seconded from the Bangladesh Cricket Board in order to prepare the country for its first international competition, the ACC Trophy. He has just finished his assignment in Myanmar, saying “it was challenging but satisfying as well. I think I’ve done a good job especially with the U-15 team. There is still a long way to go though.” Myanmar’s next international competition is the ACC U-15 Challenge Cup in Thailand in December

Myanmar’s cricket season runs from October to May of each year.

Filed October 9 2006

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