Iran, who have played two ACC women’s events since 2009, are showing encouraging progress in women’s cricket. Four teams from three universities (Alzahra University, Iran University of Science and Technology, Shahid Beheshti University) took part last month in a 10-over round robin tournament in Vanak, a suburb of Tehran.

ACC Level I coach Hadis Karimi who organised the event says “this work is the start of getting cricket to the academic part of Iran sports. When the mini-cricket match was performed, players enjoyed and that match was made them happy. Also, other students who were viewer desired to take part in training classes. First, any sport should be as the extracurricular at Physical Education then that sport go as a course at universities. So I do the first work of this.”

Along with the tournament, Ms. Karimi put together an “Introduction to Cricket” seminar where “first, I told a history of cricket in the world and also in Iran. Second, I introduce the equipment of cricket. Third, I show a video of cricket match and analyzed that. Finally some students registered for cricket.” Ms. Karimi’s aim is to create a team of the best players from the event who can then take part in Iran’s privately-run Women’s Cricket League. A 20-over tournament is planned at the start of 2014 for the same universities.

ACC Development Officer for Iran Iqbal Sikander notes, “following on from the excellent work by so many women pioneers in Iran, most notably Mozhdeh Bavandpour, Monir Habibi last year’s ICC Global Development Award winner and Narges Lafooti it is tremendously encouraging to see someone like Hadis Karimi respond so positively to cricket. Her encouragement of new players and new universities will undoubtedly grow the game.”

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Filed November 19th, 2013