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ACC Development Officer Aminul Islam’s mission in China continued with an eight-day visit to Shenyang and Chaoyang in the north-east of the country. Under the ACC strategic priorities list his visit focused on developing higher-level cricket performance and develop new areas and future markets for growth. “China has come a long way from a start where cricket was completely unknown, now it is a matter for those who are playing and working in cricket to raise their level of performance,” says Aminul.

Aminul started his visit with some High Performance Skill Training in Shenyang. “The current high performance coaching cell of China consists of two former national cricketers from Pakistan (Rashid Khan) and Bangladesh (Monjurul Islam) who are specialized in fast bowling. To complement the strength of this coaching cell and to enhance further the batting, spin-bowling and overall fielding skills, I organized the clinic with the help of the Chinese Cricket Association,” says the former international batsman and off-break bowler.

Slab Training at the Shenyang Sport University nets

Working with players from the men’s and women’s squads Aminul took them through some rigorous assessments, a reality check as it were, on -
  1. Tactical training covering batting, fielding and spin bowling
  2. Game sense
  3. Strategy and Game Plan
  4. Knowledge on current world cricket
- before putting them through some concerted match play and drills. The Chinese players scored highly in terms of fitness and athleticism, where they fell below what is ideal was in ‘game sense’ and cricket knowledge. “That is the thing they can only gain by playing more cricket, watching more cricket, learning from cricket itself,” says Aminul. “Many times in a match we can see them lose out in critical moments by teams that may not have more skill or fitness, but who just don’t make inexperienced mistakes,” says the ACC Development Officer, :”that is why CCA needs to put extra effort to find out alternative ways to minimise these gaps.”

Batting Skill Matrix



Bowling Skill Matrix



Following his clinic Aminul shared the results with his fellow coaches and the CCA. China is such a big project, with such huge potential that if we are to take a long view then things will get better, of course they will. But as China improves so do other countries also and what is vital if the China project is to truly succeed is to create a series of platforms and bridges whereby the players and coaches can move forward and up the development slope. On such a huge landmass, the pathways need to be straight, broad and well signposted if they are to be well-travelled.

Fielding Skill Matrix



Aminul travelled down a path he’d been himself last year by paying a follow-up visit to Chaoyang. Situated 400 kilometers away from Shenyang city (between Beijing and Shenyang), the Head of Physical Education and Dean of Shenyang Sports University are working closely with the CCA and ACC to introduce cricket in a few number of cities in Liaoning province. The Chinese consider Liaoning province as a strategic location for sports development since the most successful Chinese athletes are from this province. “A tough and hardy people,” says CCA Deputy Secretary General Zhang Tian. As ever, administration and logistics initially have taken time but the CCA is confident that cricket will grow in Liaoning.

China Cricket Profile

Filed November 12th, 2013

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